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News video games 24 July 2019, 20:24

author: Konrad Serafinski

Seasons 19 Mod for Farming Simulator 19 Launches

Today, the long-awaited Seasons 19 mod for Farming Simulator 19 was finally released. The modification will introduce a lot of changes to the growth and weather systems. There will also be natural animal behavior and improved vehicle repairs.

The big mod debuts today.

Today, Seasons 19 a huge mod for Farming Simulator 19 makes its debut. Realismus Modding is responsible for the modification. The new content will introduce many changes to the popular title. The modification will be available on both PC and Mac at the same time. The developers are also planning a console version, but this one will be released only when they are sure that the mod is error-free. Okay, so what can we actually expect? The overlay is to make the game as realistic as possible. To achieve this, it was decided to introduce an improved plant growth system - from now on, each year will be different and the strategy used once may not work for the second time.

The weather system will also be changed to make things more realistic and have an even greater impact on the condition of the crops. Moreover, the strength and direction of the wind will affect the turbines and the drying of the grass. No more top-class weather forecasts. Forget about accurate long-term forecasts and react to the situation.

In addition to the modification of the flora, the behavior of fauna will also be modified. Age, gender and weight of animals can influence food requirements. It is also necessary to make sure that animals have enough walking space. Treating animals badly will end in negative consequences. Vehicle repair mechanics and many, many, many more will also be improved. The full list of changes can be found here. You will soon be able to download the mod from this page.

Farming Simulator 19 was launched on November 20, 2018. The title is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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