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News video games 07 April 2023, 13:35

author: Adam Adamczyk

Solar Panels Now in Sons of the Forest

The latest update to Sons of the Forest is now available. It has introduced new items and improvements.

Sons of the Forest development progresses. The game has just received another update, which focuses on bug fixes and introduces various gameplay improvements. There was also additional content. As a result, Endnight Games has once again won the appreciation of players.

Sons of the Forest - new update's content

What probably interests the largest group of fans of the game is the additional content. This, admittedly, is not much, but the list includes pretty much only nice things - like the means of transportation presented in the video above.

  1. An electric monocycle has been added, which can be used to explore the game world faster.
  2. Night vision has been added.
  3. A new trap can be built.
  4. Photovoltaic panels, light bulbs and wires have been introduced.
  5. The mannequin has been replaced with a working armor rack.
  6. A function for deleting game saves has been implemented.
  7. Cannibal towers and huts can now be destroyed.
  8. Kelvin can now collect arrows for his bow.
  9. Cannibals from now on can more easily dodge power attacks and run away farther when scared.
  10. The sound of cannibals hitting the ground with machetes has been added.

There are many more changes and improvements. If you are curious about them, you can find them here.

Players are satisfied and want more

Looking through the comments under the list of changes introduced by the update, it is clear that players are satisfied and continue to give the developers ideas about what should be included in future updates.

"Electric monocycles? Great!," rejoices Krlutin

"Please, add stone walls next time," asks RustyXXII

"Lots of new features and improvements! Add more decoration and building options," asks Thomas2000

At the time of writing, when you enter the game's main menu, it says that the next update is coming to Sons of the Forest in 13 days and 17 hours, so it should be expected on April 21.

  1. Sons of the Forest on Steam
  2. List of changes introduced by the update

Adam Adamczyk

Adam Adamczyk

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