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News video games 24 March 2023, 17:10

author: Adam Adamczyk

Sons of the Forest Patch Increased Difficulty; Players Complain

The latest update to Sons of the Forest is now available. Unfortunately, not all the changes were to the liking of players.

The latest patch for Sons of the Forest is now available. As expected, it removed quite a few bugs in the game and introduced some additional content, which undoubtedly made the gameplay more interesting for many people. Some of the changes, although eagerly awaited by a certain group of people, significantly hindered survival on the big island. A sizable number of players began to complain about the various fixes, and to tell the truth, they can hardly be surprised..

Sons of the Forest became difficult

The game is in early access, so expect that there are still quite a few shortcomings, and the developers can afford to experiment. The main change that the players complains about, concerns the fact that after opening a container and collecting items from it, those items will not reappear the next time the game is launched.

What is the problem?

  1. Such an exploit previously enabled players to open several suitcases with ammunition, explosives and other useful items, save the game, exit to the main menu and re-enter the game to once again open the containers and collect useful items for the second time.
  2. This made it relatively easy to come into possession of many bullets, grenades, etc., which greatly facilitated gameplay.
  3. Now such a possibility is no longer available, and I could applaud such a solution, because it makes the survival aspect in Sons of the Forest much more pronounced, but....
  4. ...the problem is that in order for such a solution to actually make sense, the developers should also prevent the enemies from respawning so often close to the player's base, because after several such visits it will be very difficult to defend yourself.

"The update made everything else much more difficult and basically introduced a finite amount of ammunition and an infinite number of enemies attacking my base," wrote ModsArePaidShillz

Of course, that's not the only thing the players are complaining about. Reading the comments of some of them on Steam, one can see that many people are demanding better optimization and more content, because in their opinion Sons of the Forest in its current state is a "walking simulator."

For the purpose of this text, I entered the game and noticed that, admittedly, once opened containers remain so after reloading the save game data, but items lying around in bulk continue to respawn. 9mm ammunition can be replenished like this by collecting it lying next to a corpse on one of the beaches on the side of a floating pontoon.

Sons of the Forest Patch Increased Difficulty; Players Complain - picture #1
Finally, rainwater can be collected.

The main changes introduced by the update

There are more changes, of course, and we list the main ones below.

  1. A new boss demon has been added at the end of the infernal cave.
  2. A group of dead cultists has been added. You can come across an interesting fact.
  3. The golden armor has been moved to a new cave.
  4. Once looted, containers cannot be emptied again.
  5. Kelvin will no longer be killed by fire.
  6. Additional story elements have been introduced.
  7. A vessel for collecting rainwater can be created from the shell of a turtle.
  8. Torches have become brighter and thus more useful.
  9. With your left hand, you can use some items when using the hang glider.
  10. New cannibal huts have been added.

A list of all changes and fixes in Sons of the Forest can be found here.

  1. Sons of the Forest on Steam

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