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News video games 19 March 2021, 11:08

author: Bart Swiatek

Third-party Team Helps With Star Citizen's Theaters of War Mode

Cloud Imperium Games and Firesprite are working together on an online PvP mode for Star Citizen, called Theaters of War.


  1. Cloud Imperium Games and UK studio Firesprite Games have announced that they are collaborating to create the online PvP mode for Star Citizen, known as Theaters of War;
  2. The teams partnered up in 2019 - even before ToW was announced.

Cloud Imperium Games announced that UK-based team at Firesprite Games is supporting them in the development of Star Citizen's online PvP mode, titled Theaters of War. The module will soon go through the final phase of testing within the Evocati community.

“Thanks to the talented team at Firesprite, we’ve managed to work closely together to bring significant improvements to Star Citizen’s Theaters of War mode, and as a result benefit key aspects of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. I can’t wait for players to see the progress we’ve made together during future playtests,” said Sean Tracy, Technical Director, Content at Cloud Imperium Games.

The collaboration between the teams started back in early 2019. Since then, the studios have been building the necessary technology, tools, and game elements together.

“We’re so excited to be able to convey what a privilege and a pleasure it’s been to work so closely with Cloud Imperium and develop Theaters of War from the kernel of an idea into a full-fledged experience. I want to pay tribute to our strike team here at Firesprite who have worked really hard behind the scenes in close collaboration with the talented creators at Cloud Imperium Games,” said Graeme Ankers, Managing Director at Firesprite.

Theatres of War mode was announced in November 2019, during the Citizen-Con event. The module will offer the opportunity to play through various scenarios set in the Star Citizen universe, during which we will control ground troops and compete with 39 other players (two teams of twenty people will take part in the game). ToW was originally supposed to be released in February 2020, but the launch is being delayed.

  1. Star Citizen - official website
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