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News video games 23 May 2022, 15:57

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Starfield is Bugged and Underdeveloped, Insider Claims

According to a respected insider known as KingFanMan, who specializes in Bethesda games, Starfield's mechanics are still underdeveloped.

The soap opera known as Starfield continues. This time new, not necessarily optimistic, news about the upcoming Bethesda game were announced the informant KingFanMan during his recent podcast.

Buggy gameplay

During the recording in question it was even said that the game is "buggy".However, as the insider hastily reassured, he did not mean there's a serious problem with the game, but simply current mechanics are not entirely smooth and balanced, in his opinion. He cited problems with spaceship control as an example. The source of these problems can be seen in the heavily rebuilt Creation Engine.

Since we are on the subject of problems with which Bethesda is struggling while working on Starfield, it is worth remembering that these are not the only rumors. As we informed in one of our news, a former employee of the company was tempted to call the current game engine "crap".

Engine rebuild

At one time game producer Todd Howard mentioned that instead of dropping the Creation Engine and replacing it with a ready-made technology, the development team decided to take their creation apart, fixing certain elements step by step. Other aspects remain unchanged.

Premiere and game mode

Bethesda Softworks was planning to release Starfield this year, but some time ago, studio officials informed that those assumptions are no longer valid because of the fear of releasing unfinished game. In connection with this the launch has been officially moved to 2023. In turn, KingFanMan announced that according to him the game will be released most likely in March next year.. At the same time he added that the epic RPG may lack multiplayer mode in favor of single-player gameplay.

If you want to confront the above information with the original source, you can find the podcast below.

All that's left for us to do is wait for the official launch of Bethesda's work and keep our fingers crossed that the whole team will solve the problems.



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