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News guides 26 March 2024, 00:16

author: Damian Gacek

Supermarket Simulator - Console (Xbox, PS5, PS4, Switch) Release

Supermarket Simulator is the new small hit on Steam. Many players wonder about its console release. Let’s talk about it.

Source: Supermarket Simulator, developer: Nokta Games

Supermarket Simulator is a surprise among gaming enthusiasts. One developer from Nokta Games created a title based on a simple idea of running a shop, and gamers love it, as we can see on Steam (overwhelmingly positive reviews). This production is available on PC. However, many players from around the world would like to see Supermarket Simulator on other platforms, too. Is this possible? Let’s find out.

Supermarket Simulator – Console (Xbox, PS5, PS4, Switch) Release

First of all, we should highlight the fact that Supermarket Simulator is in early access. In most cases, games are released on consoles after the 1.0 version. On Steam, we can find information that the title should be finished within 12 moths. However, let’s add that in the post on forum, the developer announced that only one person is working on the project. Which means that it will be prone to delays in the case of technical, personal or health issues.

We may add to the above that the developer seems to deliberately avoid the topic of the ports. While the question about Mac version was answered directly (it will appear), many inquiries about consoles on official Discord server are left unanswered. It probably means that the creator does not know the answer at this point.

So, is there a chance that the game will be available on consoles? There is always hope for that, however, one-person projects are rarely released on other devices. Of course, it is not a rule, but an often occurrence. It is difficult for a single developer to port the game, as it is not a small and simple project. In this case, only the most successful games, like Stardew Valley, are in most cases ported. So, we will have to wait for Nokta Games decision in this case. Nevertheless, don’t expect anything soon. Be patient and hope for the best, but be prepared that consoles versions may never happen.

Supermarket Simulator – Mobile Version Explained

The case with mobile version is very similar to the console one. We do not know anything for sure. On the official Discord, developer shared a little bit about their past, though. It seems that Cannias used to work on mobile games. It means that the creator has experience on the field. However, this itself does not mean that there will be a mobile port anytime soon or even at all.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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