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BattleTech (2018) Latest news and info

First BATTLETECH gameplay is here

Mathias Zulpo, 05 August 2016, 13:46

A pre-alpha gameplay footage of Harebrained Schemes’ newest IP, BATTLETECH, has just hit the web. It shows the game’s turn-based combat, lets you peek at its visuals, and includes a developer commentary.

BattleTech raised almost 3 million dollars on Kickstarter

luckie, 04 November 2015, 10:57

BattleTech Kicktarter campaign is now over. Fans helped raise over 2,8 million dollars, reaching the base and all stretch goals. This tactical sci-fi RPG is going to be released in 2017.

BattleTech raised 2 mln dollars on Kickstarter, customizable home base unlocked

luckie, 23 October 2015, 10:03

BattleTech has raised well over its initial funding goal gathering over 2 million dollars to date. This most recent achievement unlocked another Kickstarter stretch goal – customizable home base.

Shadowrun Returns creators announce BattleTech kickstarter date

luckie, 18 September 2015, 13:05

Harebrained Scheme’s BattleTech is getting a Kickstarter campaign later this month. This new sci-fi RPG from Shadowrun Returns creators is coming to PC some time in 2017.

First Info About BattleTech - A Mech Combat RPG From the Creators of Shadowrun

Renox, 30 July 2015, 12:17

Harebrained Schemes studios have announced a tactical RPG based on the BattleTech universe. This Fall, a crowdfunding project will launch on Kickstarter to gather the necessary funds and the whole venture will be supervised by Jordan Weisman.