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News video games 08 October 2023, 13:27

author: Adrian Werner

TDU: Solar Crown Devs Respond to Concerns and Show New Gameplay

The developers of Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown have reassured players concerned about the stiff camera work shown in a recent gameplay. They also informed about the date of the next tests.

Source: Nacon

On Steam, the developers of Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown have published the fifth letter to players, describing the progress of the work. In it, KT Racing tried to assuage concerns that arose after the recent footage from the alpha version. Many things shown there were very much to the liking of fans of the series, but concerns were raised about the very stiff chase camera work.

The developers explained that the game offers two external view modes. One of them, shown in the aforementioned videos, is purposely not very dynamic, in order to better suit the relaxed rides in which we will admire the locations. However, there will also be a classic racing camera, flexibly adjusting to the rhythm of driving. It will be shown in the next video.

The developers also confirmed that the game will see the return of the F.R.I.M. (Free Ride Instant Money) system, which debuted in Test Drive Unlimited 2. It will enable the players to earn money in the open world through efficient driving. The player is expected to perform various maneuvers, increasing the pool of points, and when they feel the score is high enough, they will be able to cash it in. However, any collisions will reset the counter, so we will have to balance the risks and potential rewards accordingly.

The devs also announced that October 27 will see the start of the second Playtest, again exclusively on PC. It will be attended by selectedofficial newsletter subscribers, including all those who qualified for the previous test.

Recall that Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is headed for PC, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PlayStaton 5 and Nintendo Switch. The release is expected early next year.

  1. Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown - official website

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