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News video games 01 September 2023, 13:10

New Gameplay From TDU Solar Crown is Filled With Fan-beloved Immersion

A new trailer for Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown has suddenly hit the web, consisting almost entirely of gameplay footage. Using the Alfa Romeo 8C as an example, it shows the atmospheric, immersive experience the series is known for.

Source: Nacon

If you agree with me that after the July gameplay demonstration, studio KT Racing should have done something to erase the bad impression, then you will like today's gameplay trailer for Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (available below).

On it we see a classic TDU experience. We stroll through a car dealership in FPP view, casually looking at the available car models. When one catches our eye, we can take it for a test drive - or, as in this case, go straight to buying it, having first determined the color of the body and interior, as well as the design of the rims, and hitting the street.

Then we witness a quiet, atmospheric and "law-abiding" ride around Hong Kong - we can see the turn signals or the manually controlled headlights in action, and finally we are treated to an animation of the roof folding. As for me, it all looks really good.

I'll also draw your attention to the fact that the Alfa Romeo showroom (or rather, the Alfa Romeo area of the Italian car showroom) was probably not accidentally chosen for the demonstration in the trailer. Thanks to this KT Racing scored more points by reassuring players that in this game - unlike in The Crew Motorfest and (until recently) Forza Horizon 5 - there will be no shortage of iconic manufacturers from Italy.

TDU: Solar Crown is heading to PC, PS5, XSX/S and probably Switch (I'm not absolutely sure, as Nintendo logo does appear on the game's official website, but it has been omitted from recent press releases). The release is expected in early 2024, and before that we are expecting more rounds of beta testing (for now, with no specified dates).

  1. TDU Solar Crown - official website

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