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News video games 16 November 2022, 15:06

author: Wiktor Szczesny

The Sims 4 With New Safe Space for Mods; Legacy Edition Liquidation

Thanks to Electronic Arts' partnership with the Overwolf group, people playing The Sims 4 have gained access to the Curse Forge platform. This is a fully secure ecosystem designed for modmakers and enthusiasts. In the background, the elimination of Legacy Edition.

Fans of improving The Sims have gained access to a secure and powerful tool. Thanks to Overwolf group's cooperation with Electronic Arts a segment dedicated to modding The Sims 4 has been created. All this within the framework of the modding platform Curse Forge.

Advantages of the new platform

When creating an official modder space for The Sims 4, EA took care not only of a safe and unified ecosystem for players eager to explore custom content. In this way, the company also appreciated modders who create a ton of various modifications to the game.

The modifications made available on the new platform can concern aesthetics in the broadest sense, as well as gameplay and features available in the game. In addition, the Overwolf group ensures that in order to maintain player safety, mods found in the Curse Forge database are verified for content and possible malware.

Another important note is that we don't have to create any account on the website to get the mods of our dreams. We simply select them from the list and download.

Porftolio expansion

The Sims 4 is not the first game to work with Curse Forge. The platform has for years offered huge collections of modifications for games such as Minecraft or World of Warcraft. The fruit of Overwolf's official partnership with Electronic Arts will certainly enable the platform to expand its portfolio and increase its user base. An additional driving force behind the website's development will certainly be the fact that The Sims 4 has recently become an F2P game. This makes it likely that there will be more and more people willing to check out mods or create them.

Modding platform debuts in the shadow of Legacy Edition liquidation

The appearance of the official mod space came at a difficult time for owners of The Sims 4 Legacy Edition - the 32-bit version, designed for older PCs. EA announced that it will not continue support for this edition of the game after December 12. The solution for disadvantaged Windows players is to move to a 64-bit system. For those with Apple devices, it will be necessary to port the game to a PC with Mac OS version 10.11 or later. If the game cannot be ported to newer hardware, the lack of support for Legacy Edition means exclusion for existing players.

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Wiktor Szczesny

Wiktor Szczesny

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