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News video games 07 March 2024, 02:20

author: Marcin Przala

The Sinking City 2, Sequel to Dark Survival Horror in Cthulhu Universe, Is Coming

The Xbox show gave us the announcement of The Sinking City 2. The second game in the Lovecraft universe from Frogwares Studio will be released next year.

Source: Frogwares.

During yesterday's Xbox Partner Preview, the Ukrainian studio Frogwares presented us (below) its latest project, The Sinking City 2.

The second installment of the survival horror, the action of which is set in a universe inspired by the prose of H.P. Lovecraft, will be released in 2025 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

Similar to the first game, the story will take us to the 1920s. This time, however, we will visit the town of Arkham, iconic in Cthulhu mythology. It fell victim to a supernatural flood, along with which a terrifying plague flowed into the American town, turning people into monsters.

  • The Sinking City 2 will tell a completely different story from the one we saw in the first installment.
  • The game will offer a semi-open world. Its structure will change depending on the plot developments. Interestingly, as the story progresses, the water level in the city will rise, changing the existing locations.
  • The emphasis on the survival horror aspect will be greater in The Sinking City 2 compared to the 2019 game.
  • Exploration, combat, and rational equipment management are crucial aspects of gameplay.
  • Many hidden puzzles will appear in the game, providing us with valuable items or delivering extra information about the lore.
  • During the game, we will also conduct investigations, which this time will be fully optional.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that The Sinking City 2 is being developed on Unreal Enigne 5.

  1. Frogwares Studio - official website

Did you know that the Frogwares studio obtained full rights to The Sinking City brand only at the beginning of this year? You can read more about that here.

Marcin Przała

Marcin Przała

Graduate of Journalism and Social Communication at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. He has been interested in games from an early age, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Dragon Age: Origins hold a special place in his heart. His passion for electronic entertainment led to the phenomenon of immersion becoming the subject of his bachelor's thesis. Today, above all, a fan of soulslike and classic RPGs. Besides games, he likes dark fantasy literature, and for many years he has been eagerly following the English Premier League, where his beloved club - Chelsea - plays.


The Sinking City 2

The Sinking City 2