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News video games 05 September 2023, 13:55

author: Adam Adamczyk

This Medieval Survival Game Has Us Advance From Wooden Hut to Grand Army

This game may appeal to fans of medieval, survival, building and army management. Its demo was very popular at the Steam Next Fest.

Source: Donkey Crew

If you combine medieval atmosphere, survival aspect, ability to build, and the zero-to-hero style adventure, you should get a recipe for success - in the context of a video game, of course. Thus, all the predispositions to conquer the world are there for Bellwright, an interesting combination of all the elements mentioned.

What is Bellwright

Bellwright is a game by Donkey Crew, which some of you may be familiar with from Last Oasis - a lukewarmly received survival game, which has been in early access on Steam since 2020.

We will start the adventure as a poor individual who will try to survive in a dangerous world. Over time, when we manage to become more familiar with the terrain, build shelters and acquire slightly better equipment, we will be able to plan the conquest of the surrounding lands.

  1. Attempted alone, such task would be a suicide mission, but in the game we will encounter NPCs who can join us and perform the tasks assigned to them.
  2. In this way, step by step, we will create our own army, thanks to which we will manage to seize more and more territory for ourselves.

Interestingly, possible allies can have their own areas of interest and improve their skills in various fields, such as archery, fencing, farming and many others. Also noteworthy here are the eye-pleasing visuals, which, at least in my opinion, are inspired by a somewhat Slavic atmosphere, as well as music that fits the atmosphere of the game.

It seems that the story will also play an important role in the game, although not much is known about it yet. A little light is shed on it by one excerpt from the game's description.

"As you expand your army and increase your influence throughout the land, uncover family secrets and learn the truth about the terrible death of the prince you were accused of murdering. The secrets of the kingdom await..."

Unfortunately, the release date of Bellwright is not yet known. You can add the game to your wish list on Steam. It is worth noting that the developers made the demo available at the recent Steam Next Fest event, which ran from September 19 to 26. The title enjoyed decent popularity - it took fourth place on the list of most played items, following only Warhaven, Lies of P and Norland.

  1. Bellwright on Steam

Adam Adamczyk

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