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News video games 18 June 2022, 18:24

author: destroytheardor

This RDR2 Mod Makes People Die Even More Realistically

If you're under the impression that the dying physics in RDR2 have been toned down a bit compared to what GTA IV or the first RDR had to offer, then you're right. There is a mod for PC that fixes this, but this is an item for people with nerves of steel.

  • A mod restoring realistic dying animations from older Euphoria games has been updated for RDR2.
  • The mod makes fights very realistic and is meant for people with strong nerves.

Red Dead Redemption 2 as almost all Rockstar Games titles released since GTA IV, uses the advanced physics engine Euphoria, which features brilliant animations. Playing older R* games, however, you can get the impression that the physics in them is more realistic, and one of the most striking elements is how the characters are animated at the moment of death.

Mod brings back realistic animations from GTA IV in RDR2

While in GTA IV, or even in the first Red Dead Redemption, enemies were staggering around on their feet for some time after being shot and seemed to be reacting realistically to their wounds and dying in agony, in more recent titles bodies often fall to the ground without any additional animation. Maybe the developers didn't want to spend the time and money to perfect this element, or maybe they felt it was too much realism and such scenes would be too brutal.

Whatever the developers' intentions were, it doesn't matter now, because a mod has appeared on PC, called Cineastic Euphoria Ragdoll Rework (C.E.R.R), which restores Euphoria engine's older realistic dying animations in Red Dead Redemption 2. Perhaps even too realistic. The mod taps into a level of realism that made combat in The Last of Us: Part II a difficult experience for many. Watching enemies suffer can cause a sense of unease and discomfort, so this is a modification for those who can stomach it.

Character bodies have been divided into separate zones (arms, legs, torso and head), each with its own set of reactions to damage. An enemy shot in the chest will not immediately fall to the ground, but will try to stay on his feet and stop the bleeding.. Even headshots do not kill immediately and it takes a while for the enemy to stop moving. Streamlined physics shows shock and agony and clashes become more brutal.

The modification is made by user AnymYo from Germany, who felt disappointed with the toned down RDR2 ragdoll and decided to do something about it. First he studied how the Euphoria engine works, what features it offers and how to change their parameters. Then he set to work to recreate shooting from the first Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV or Max Payne 3 as closely as possible. As you can see in the video above, he succeeded in his goal, and the results of his work are impressive to say the least.

C.E.R.R was originally released in March, but now a major update has been released. You can download the mod from Nexus Mods - for proper operation, it requires the Lennis Mod Loader to work. The installation is a simple matter of copying one folder into another.

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