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News video games 27 November 2019, 22:14

author: Julia Dragovic

Every Evening Thousands of People Role-play as Dinosaurs in The Isle

The Isle, survival game from Afterthought LLC, has conquered the hearts of players, even though the game still hasn't left early access. The secret lies in the dinosaurs because that's what we become when we play the game.

What happened here?

Have you ever wondered what is happiness? Probably most of you have never found a clear answer to one of the greatest mysteries of mankind since antiquity. However, there are several thousand people who have succeeded in doing so. The answer to this important question is... dinosaurs.

Since January, this year, every night, more than four thousand players sit in front of their PC, join The Isle and play as dinosaurs. Carnivorous, herbivorous, small, large... and that's pretty much it. Flying and aquatic beasts are just the melody of the future. But that's all right! Even now we have several dozen types of these lovely reptiles at our disposal. And how much joy they can give you, you'll see below:

The Isle offers the opportunity to play both survival and sandbox games. It all depends on what we expect from the gameplay. If we would prefer the hardships of the game to flog us and have the successes taste better, we choose survival. In this mode, we will be able to nest with our friends and sit eggs together, then try to survive through the "childhood" period and all the next stages of development of our... character? And all this wile avoiding death of hunger, thirst or being torn to shreds by hungry carnivores. In sandbox, we will do without the entire survival mes, immediately starting as an adult dino, capable of chasing berries or other adult specimens for food.

The game has been functioning in early access since 2015 and you can see that the creators are doing a good job developing it. This is evidenced by the numbers - 357 thousand game owners (data from the paid version of Steam Spy) and statistics on their activity:

This is what the game statistics look like from July 2018 - a definitely noticeable upward trend. / Source:

The sandbox survival MMO is available only on PC. You can read about which elements the creators plan to expand the gameplay with here.

"Can you hide them from the waiting world? Oooooooh, mother!

Julia Dragovic

Julia Dragovic

She studied philosophy and philology and honed her writing skills by producing hundreds of assignments. She has been a journalist at Gamepressure since 2019, first writing in the newsroom, then becoming a columnist and reviewer, and eventually, a full-time editor of our game guides. She has been playing games for as long as she can remember – everything except shooters and RTSs. An ailurophile, fan of The Sims and concrete. When she's not clearing maps of collectibles or playing simulators of everything, economic strategies, RPGs (including table-top) or romantic indie games, Julia explores cities in different countries with her camera, searching for brutalist architecture and post-communist relics.


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