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News video games 30 November 2022, 12:35

author: Jakub Tarchala

Victoria 3 is Paradox's New Hit; Eats Hearts of Iron IV for Breakfast

Paradox Interactive has another hit - Victoria 3 sold much better than Hearts of Iron IV. Cities: Skylines, however, was a little short of success.

Released last month, Victoria 3 by Paradox studios has achieved the eponymous victory. The latest economic strategy game has sold a sizable number of copies on PC.

Paradox with another success

According to information revealed by the publisher, Victoria 3 found more than half a million buyers in less than a month. The result is undoubtedly excellent, especially since we are talking about an RTS released only on PC. For comparison, Paradox's other big game - Hearts of Iron IV - took as long as 8 months to cross the barrier of 500,000 copies sold. In contrast, getting similar result took the company's Cities: Skylines less than a week (counting from the release). All of the aforementioned games were available only on PC during the periods indicated.

A handful of stats and trivia from Victoria 3

The studio attached an infographic with interesting facts.

  • Players spent 609,318 days in the game, or about 1,669 years.
  • During that time they created 380,335 countries, built 126,263 Suez Canals, 45,614 transcontinental railroads and 40,000 Eiffel Towers, invented 187 million technologies, changed the color of the map of Prussia to yellow 83 times, and united Germany as many as 98,000 times.
Victoria 3 is Paradoxs New Hit; Eats Hearts of Iron IV for Breakfast - picture #1
Source: Paradox.

Victoria 3 - development, awards and highlights

Victoria 3 was released on PC on October 25 this year and can be purchased on Steam. Users of the platform have issued the game about 16,000 reviews, 66% of which are positive. The developers have big plans for further development, which will certainly be appreciated by fans of the second game, who waited as long as 12 years for the continuation. Noteworthy, the title was nominated for "strategy game of the year" at The Game Awards 2022 gala.

Jakub Tarchala

Jakub Tarchala

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Victoria 3

Victoria 3