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News guides 09 May 2023, 22:18

author: Damian Gacek

Voidtrain - Cross Platform and Crossplay Explained

In this guide we will talk about cross platform and crossplay in Voidtrain. What is more we will tell you how to invite your friends to the game.

Voidtrain is a game that is currently in the early access stage, where players are transported to the mysterious Void. Despite its name, it is not a barren space, as there are remnants of civilization and land, as well as a variety of creatures and foes. In this survival game, the main emphasis is on resource gathering and crafting, rather than on managing your character's hunger and thirst. Our guide presents crossplay and cross platform features in Voidtrain.

Is Voidtrain cross platform?

Technically, cross platform means that the game was released on various platforms. In the case of Voidtrain the game, for now, is only available on PC. Nevertheless, it is possible that it will be releases on consoles later, for example when the game will leave early access. It is also worth to remember that the term is very often used as a synonym of the word cross-play.

Is there crossplay in Voidtrain?

At this moment, the game was released on Epic Games Store and Steam. And it is possible for players on different platforms to play together. However, you have to connect Steam and Epic accounts. The game will ask automatically to do this. So, just accept.

To invite your friends, you have to open shops overlay, Shift + Tab (Steam) or Shift + F3 (Epic). Eventually enter the game, open Menu, and pick Session tab. Change visibility of your game to only friends. Now your companions will be able to find it from the starting screen, using Join button.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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