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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Properties Guide (2022)

Properties in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 are very important for your build. In this guide you will learn what they are and which ones are best to have for each class.

In Warhammer: Vermintide 2 items can have several properties that affect in-game stats. On this guide you will learn what properties are and which are the most useful ones for each class.

What are Properties?

Properties are the stat bonuses, which you can see on your weapons. The value of properties may vary, depending on the weapon's level of rarity. However, it is worth remembering that you can change properties by re-rolling in the crafting menu. It is good to know that red items will always have the maximum possible value on the stats in Properties.

List of Properties

The following list shows all the Properties along with a range from the lowest to the highest possible value, and information about their availability on a given type of equipment.

  1. Atack Speed - Value: 2-5% (available: malee, charm)
  2. Crit Chance - Value: 3-5% (available: malee, ranged, trinket)
  3. Crit Power - Value: 10-20% (available: malee, ranged, charm)
  4. Stamina - Value: 1.0-2.0 (available: malee, necklace)
  5. Block Cost Reduction - Value: 10-30% (available: malee, necklace)
  6. Push/Block Angle - Value: 10-30% (available: malee, necklace)
  7. Damage Reduction vs Skaven - Value: 5 -10% (available: necklace)
  8. Damage Reduction vs Chaos - Value: 5-10% (available: necklace)
  9. Damage Reduction vs Area of Effect - Value: 5-10% (available: necklace)
  10. Health - Value: 10-20% (available: necklace)
  11. Power vs Skaven - Value: 5-10% (available: malee, ranged, charm)
  12. Power vs Chaos - Value: 5-10% (available: malee, ranged, charm)
  13. Power vs Infantry - Value: 5-10% (available: ranged, charm)
  14. Power vs Armored - Value: 5-10% (available: ranged, charm)
  15. Power vs Berserkers - Value: 5-10% (available: ranged, charm)
  16. Power vs Monsters - Value: 5-10% (available: ranged, charm)
  17. Curse Resistance - Value: 11-33% (available: trinket)
  18. Movement Speed - Value: 5% (available: trinket)
  19. Cooldown Reduction - Value: 5-10% (available: trinket)
  20. Respawn Speed - Value: 10-30% (available: trinket)
  21. Revive Speed - Value: 10-30% (available: trinket)
  22. Stamina Recovery - Value: 10-30% (available: trinket)

What Properties are ideal for a given class?

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Properties Guide (2022) - picture #1

The options for buffing your stats are numerous. Properties offer a range of boosts to stamina, HP, damage inflicted on a specific type of enemy, etc.

  1. Characters who specialize in close combat should use properties that give them the most: Attack Speed, Block Cost Reduction, Push/Block Angle and Stamina.
  2. Classes specializing in ranged combat on their long-range weapons should choose: Crit Chance, Crit Power and usually Power vs. Armored. However, it depends on what type of enemies you fight the most.
  3. Characters who intend to tank should choose among others: HP, Block Cost Reduction and Curse Resistance.
  4. If the biggest plus of your class is the use of skills, the best choice would be Movement Speed, Cooldown Reduction and Stamina Recovery.

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Dawid Lubczynski

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