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News guides 18 August 2023, 16:09

author: Damian Gacek

Waven - Console (PS5, Xbox and Switch) Release

In this guide we will talk about waven console release. Let's learn about PS5, Xbox and Switch ports.

Source: Waven, developer: Ankama Studio

Waven is a free to play multiplayer tactical RPG. You can play it solo or against other people - the game features PvE and PvP. Your task is to learn what have happened in the flooded world. Find out where gods and dragons are and why there are only few last islands remaining. The road is long. The game was released as an Early Access on PC and Mac, with mobile version planned for later this year (once the game leaves EA). Many fans are wondering about consoles release. Will the game be available on PS5, Switch and Xbox? Let’s find out.

Waven – Console (PS5, Xbox and Switch) Release

At the moment of writing there are no plans for console versions of Waven. At least we may assume so thanks to the French X (Twitter) account of the game. The representant of developers announced that there are no current plans of Switch port. It is very likely that it is true to Xbox and PS5 also.

However, taking into consideration that the game will be released on mobiles, we shouldn’t cross out the idea of other ports. It is very likely that if the demand will be high enough, other platforms will become a reality. However, you will have to wait at least until the full release of the title.

The game is supposed to be released fully around the end of this year (2023). It is possible that around that time there will be more news about ports.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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