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News video games 18 January 2023, 14:40

author: Adam Adamczyk

What Does Guts Do in One Piece Odyssey

Effectiveness in battle inOne Piece Odyssey is influenced by a variety of stats. In this guide you will learn what guts and the other stats are responsible for.

One Piece Odyssey is a very popular jRPG, the action of which takes place in the universe known from the popular manga and anime. In the game we traverse a colorful world, complete tasks, learn about the story and, of course, fight battles against enemies. Among other things, stats have an impact on how effective our character will be in battle. Thanks to this guide you will learn what the guts stat is responsible for..

Guts in One Piece Odyssey

Those who have previously played a variety of RPGs have certainly encountered statistics such as attack or defense. They also appear in One Piece Odyssey, but in addition to these, anothe stat that affects effectiveness in battle is Guts.

While Defense is responsible for protection against basic attacks, Guts is related to defense against damage inflicted by enemy skills. Therefore, if you have a problem with a strong boss that often uses special attacks, make sure that the Guts stat has the highest possible value. This can be done, for example, by putting on some accessories that add a bonus to this stat or by eating meals.

Other stats in One Piece Odyssey

There are several basic stats in the game. They are:

  1. ATK - is responsible for the amount of damage dealt.
  2. DEF - determines the defense against basic attacks.
  3. Guts - the higher the value, the less damage an opponent's skill will deal to the character.
  4. Resistance - are resistances against elements and debuffs. The higher the coefficient of a given stat, the lower the chance that the character will be frozen, set on fire, put to sleep, etc.
  5. TP - This is equivalent to the energy level. TP fills up when executing basic attacks or after eating.

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