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News video games 23 September 2021, 13:53

author: Ignacy Ziarkiewicz

Will There be a Titanfall 3? Developers Respond

In a recent stream, Jason Garza, Respawn Entertainment's community coordinator, spoke on the future of the Titanfall series.

Both parts of Titanfall won many loyal fans, but it's been 5 years since the release of the latest game in the series. In recent times Respawn Entertainment, the studio responsible for the brand, has not given any signals that could suggest any change in this topic. On the contrary - during a livestream conducted on September 20, Jason Garza, community coordinator at Respawn, stated that players shouldn't expect the return of Titanfall.

Asked during the stream to comment on Titanfall, Garza insisted that fans shouldn't get their hopes up. As he mentioned earlier, the studio isn't working on anything related to the series because it doesn't have the time - it has too many other games in development. Garza was also tempted to clarify that the company has no plans to create another Titanfall but is still working on support for the two released games. Titanfall 2 has been plagued with a number of problems, including spamming bots on servers and hacker attacks, so it's good to know that the developers are keeping ear to the ground.

Are you saddened by the prospect of not getting a newTitanfall or are you more excited about new games from Respawn Entertainment? Tell us in the comments.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2