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Morrowind Mod Will Soon Offer Over 500 Quests

Michael Zegar, 04 September 2021, 21:28

A popular modification for Morrowind, called Tamriel Rebuilt will soon be enriched with a new expansion. After its release, the mod will offer a total of over 500 quests and add a new area to the game.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Won't Offer Microtransactions That Disrupt Game Balance

Paul Musiolik, 04 September 2021, 20:33

Marvel's Midnight Suns will not offer microtransactions and will focus entirely on the single player experience. This was confirmed by the game's creative director Jake Solomon.

The Sims 4: Spa Day Will Get a Refresh

Agnes Adamus, 04 September 2021, 20:04

Spa Day DLC for The Sims 4 will get a refresh. Among the novelties that will come to the DLC in a free update, we'll find the option to customize nails and new aspirations.

Cookie Clicker Conquers Steam

Agnes Adamus, 04 September 2021, 19:52

Another title that immediately conquered the hearts of players has just appered on Steam. It is Cookie Clicker, a simple production about making cookies in bulk.

This Cyberpunk 2077 Mod is an Alternative to Loading the Game

Paul Musiolik, 04 September 2021, 19:48

The Death Alternative V2 mod enables us to bypass the requirement to load a saved game after a character's death, giving us the option to use life insurance instead.

Mass Effect 5 May be Powered by Unreal Engine 5

Paul Musiolik, 04 September 2021, 19:44

Mass Effect 5 could be running on Unreal Engine 5. A job offer posted by Electronic Arts would strongly suggests this.

SWAT 4: Elite Force - New Version of the Game's Most Important Mod

Adrian Werner, 04 September 2021, 19:38

Version 7.1 of Elite Force, the most important mod for the tactical shooter SWAT 4, has been released. It brings a lot of fixes, as well as begins the process of interesting changes to make it harder to recognize which characters on the maps are a threat.