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News video games 11 September 2021, 20:19

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

„The Magic of WoW Kinda Died,” Says Record-breaking Guild and Quits the Game

More members of the World of Warcraft community say goodbye to the game. This time it's the APES, a guild associated primarily with WoW Classic.

  • APES guild says goodbye to World of Warcraft;
  • According to its leader, the game has lost its old character;
  • He also criticized the way it is developed by Blizzard.

The name World of Warcraft has been recurring lately only in the context of successive problems of it's developer, Blizzard. Unfortunately, this also applies to this case. The end of the adventure with the world of Azeroth has been announced by the APES guild. For years they have been one of the most recognizable groups associated with WoW Classic. As the first, right after the release of the classic version, they completed the Molten Core raid. It was an achievement that many other guilds also strove for, but it was APES who proved to be the fastest.

So after streamers and youtubers, it's another group of well-known community members who have decided to say goodbye to the game. Maitoz, the guild leader, explained the reasons for his decision during a Twitch broadcast.

"I just wanted to say, I quit. APES won't function as a guild anymore. That is the end. Reasons? I have been thinking about quitting for a long time now. The game just hasn't really been what I and most of my guild have been looking for.

In hindsight, I should have quit in Classic. Classic started dying after Blackwing Lair. . . it turned into this money factory for boosters. . . and this complete bot meta too. There is no real PvP anymore, the magic of WoW kind of died[...]."

Maitoz also criticized the Classic version of The Burning Crusade, released three months ago. According to him, it is simply boring and does not encourage him to continue playing. He also stated that Blizzard mismanages the game and steers it in a direction that does not appeal to long-time players. It is these kinds of actions that are supposed to lead to the shrinking of the community associated with World of Warcraft.

The APES guild, headed by Maitoz, is another major player group that has been vocal about their departure from Blizzard titles. The more numerous this group becomes, the bigger the problem for the legendary company. The question remains whether it will be able to stop the further outflow of players.

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