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News video games 22 March 2022, 15:03

WoW's Community Manager Leaves Blizzard After 9 Years

Former community manager of World of Warcraft has left the ranks of Blizzard. Opinions about him among the players are divided.

  • Josh Allen, community manager of WoW, has left the ranks of Blizzard;
  • He held this position for almost 9 years;
  • Many players have a negative opinion about him.

Another employee has left the ranks of Blizzard Entertainment. This time we're talking about Josh Allen, who served as community manager for World of Warcraft.

Allen held this position for almost 9 years, going by the handle Lore. He informed about his departure on Twitter.

WoWs Community Manager Leaves Blizzard After 9 Years - picture #1
Source: Twitter

A dry goodbye

This decision has sparked a discussion among fans of World of Warcraft. From the comments posted by them on Reddit it seems that most players will not miss Allen.

Users have been one-upping themselves with reminding bad memories about the way Lore used to moderate. Many accused him of being the source of communication problems between the studio and players.

According to them, Allen was supposed to treat the community from above and repeatedly blame the state of WoW expansions on the players themselves. This was allegedly due to insufficient feedback from fans.

Moreover, he applied a policy of very frequent bans while not informing what the punished users were actually punished for.

It should be taken into account, however, that the work of a community manager is not easy. It was Allen who often had to explain the studio's problems or deal with the negative attitude of dissatisfied players.

So we can wait for the announcement of who will replace Lore and observe how his successor will deal with the challenges of this position.

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