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News video games 30 September 2021, 14:05

author: Adrian Werner

Xbox Game Pass has 30 Million Subscribers, Claims Take-Two's CEO

Take-Two Interactive's CEO has spilled the beans and revealed how many subscribers the Game Pass service currently has. The number is impressive.

We may have just learned the current number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick announcedthat this subscription is paid by about 30 million people. The conversation was also attended by the head of Xbox Phil Spencer, who, obviously amused, said that the previous number to be given officially was 18 million.

The aforementioned figures were revealed in January of this year, so it was known that they had grown quite a bit since then. However, not many people expected that in nine months Xbox Game Pass will gain an additional 12 million subscribers.

Of course, the 30 million figure should be approached with some caution, but Zelnick certainly is the person that has access to real data, because the popularity of the service plays a key role in negotiations with publishers regarding the addition of games to the subscription's offer. Most likely Take-Two Interactive's CEO has simply spilled the beans a bit earlier than Microsoft would have liked.

It is worth recalling that back in August Zelnick was skeptical about the subscription model, especially in terms of making premiere productions available within its framework. It will be interesting to see if exceeding the threshold of 30 million subscribers was enough for the president of Take-Two Interactive to change his mind.

The rapid growth in the popularity of Game Pass is not surprising, because the service is very attractive. So far, almost a thousand games have appeared in its offer. In addition, studies show that people who subscribe it play more and in more varied titles than players without a subscription.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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