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News hardware & software 02 April 2020, 18:00

author: Smoczy

YouTube is Working on Equivalent of TikTok - Shorts

Google is creating an app to be a rival for TikTok. Will users like Shorts? Or will it end up like so many other technological solutions from the company - on a dumpster?

  1. Shorts will enable us to create short videos with simple editing options;
  2. The service is to be implemented in YouTube app;
  3. Google's new project is due to appear later, this year.

YouTube undoubtedly likes to follow proven ideas. The simplest example is Reels - the equivalent of Stories on Instagram. This option is used sporadically, and while the Community card has a significant reach in the case of many creators, Reels did not met with a particularly good reception. Now, Google wants a piece of the cake callled creating short videos with background music, a formula known from TikTok.

In 2017, TikTok bought a competitive app called, thus entering the US and European market. TikTok's main idea was to create short videos with background music, referring to PV or video clips. Of course, a large part of the TikTok community treats it like the old Vine (no longer existing short-form video hosting service operating on a similar basis) - simply for making memes.

No wonder that YouTube has taken an interest in such a service - TikTok has recorded a 125% increase in popularity over the last two years. Google is planning to implement Shorts (as its new project will be called) into YouTube. The company wants to offer users music licensed by YouTube Music. However, we learn more from a conversation conducted by Dylan Byers, working for NBC News, with YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki. He mentioned her on Twitter, in response to rumors about Shorts.

"YouTube chief Susan Wojcicki and I talked about TikTok in a podcast episode that will air later this month. We’ve got an item coming soon confirming this news, along with a few of her comments on YouTube & short-form video."

Will it be another service that will be used by a small percentage of users? Or maybe YouTube has a chance to conquer a bigger part of this market? All we can do is wait and watch the situation.

  1. YouTube - official website.
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