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Return to Monkey Island Walkthrough

Return to Monkey Island Walkthrough

Ahoy! Return to Monkey Island - this is a complete walkthrough of all chapters. You'll learn where to find important objects, how to combine them with each other, how to conduct conversations and solve puzzles. We describe system requirements and controls.

Last update: 29 September 2022

The Return to Monkey Island game guide will help you fulfill the dreams of Guybrush Threepwood - make him a purebred pirate, discover the secret of the Monkey Island and stop (once again) LeChuck. In our guide, you will find, above all, a complete walkthrough, from which you will learn what you have to do and how to solve puzzles. This will allow you to complete all the main parts of the adventure. We also inform, among others, about the game's length and whether knowledge of the entire Monkey Island series is required.

Return to Monkey Island: Guide contents

This guide focuses almost entirely on a very detailed walkthrough of Return to Monkey Island. In our walkthrough, you can find information on where to find important objects and how to combine them, what interactions you can do with objects from visited locations, how to complete conversations with encountered characters, how to solve puzzles on high difficulty level and how to complete all main chapters of the game.

The walkthrough is supplemented by appendix, from which you will learn, among other things, about the controls, PC system requirements, the approximate game length (the main story and getting 100% of the achievements) and whether you need to know the previous games from the series before playing Return to Monkey Island.

Return to Monkey Island: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Select the high difficulty level to play 100% of the game's content . The selected difficulty level affects the complexity and the number of puzzles. Our walkthrough is based on the Hard Mode, which is the more difficult one - it should satisfy point&click fans.
  2. Highlight interactive objects in the environment - items you can examine or pick up, and characters you can talk to. In the PC version, you can do this by pressing the TAB key. You don't have to "hunt for pixels" to locate a small item.
  3. Remember that the hero can walk fast - this is done by pressing the left mouse button twice. This will allow you to move around the locations more efficiently and can sometimes be really useful (e.g. to win the race in the prologue).
  4. Save the game often. In Return to Monkey Island, you do not have to worry about the hero dying, but you may, for example, miss an opportunity to get an achievement related to a specific activity. It's best to save your game on a new slot in each new area you visit and at the beginning of each chapter.
  5. Experiment with combining items. If you don't want to follow our walkthrough very carefully, you can easily get stuck if, for example, you don't use item A on item B (from the inventory or from the game world).

Return to Monkey Island: All chapters, walkthrough

The adventure in Return to Monkey Island has been divided into several large chapters that you have to play in a predetermined order. We described them on the following pages of the walkthrough.

Prelude - An Unexpected Story Begins

  1. Prologue - This is an introduction to the actual adventure, in which the protagonists are Boybrush and his friend Chuckie. The heroes must, e.g. get a Scurvydogs snack and find the parents.

Part 1 - A Friendly Place

  1. Meeting the Pirate Leaders - This is the beginning of your adventure as Guybrush Threepwood. The main character returns to the island of Melee in the hope of completing the crew and stopping LeChuck. You need to talk to the Pirate Leaders.
  2. Getting the mop - This is the first main goal of the chapter. You have to build a mop and it requires you to get the handle and the tip, as well as solve the puzzles about apologizing to Governor Carla and use the Mop Tree map in the forest.
  3. Get a disguise - Obtaining a disguise is the second main objective of the chapter. You need Jon Laney's Eyepatch and our walkthrough explains where to find the item, how to steal it and how to give it special properties.

Part 2 - A Dangerous Journey

  1. Sail to Monkey Island - This is the beginning of your stay on LeChuck's ship. Guybrush needs to get out of the Load, get a Flattened Skull, find an alternative way to get to Monkey Island and steal a map from LeChuck's quarters.
  2. Get a unanimous vote - Our walkthrough explains how to convince 5 pirates to vote for you - these are Iron Rose, Flair Gorey, Putra, Flambe and Apple Bob. You will also learn about solving the puzzles of finding 5 items for the report and delivering Murray to the second ship.

Part 3 - Return to Monkey Island

  1. Follow LeChuck's map to the Secret - This page describes how to get to the shores of the Monkey Island and how to correctly follow the X mark according to the directions from LeChuck's map. We have also created a map of Monkey Island with important locations.
  2. Learn LeChuck's secrets - Our walkthrough explains how to get a new disguise and re-infiltrate the undead pirate ship, as well as how to find out what are LeChuck's favorite food, theme song and catchphrase.
  3. Decode the map - We have included locations of 7 skulls on Monkey Island. We also explain how to complete the ritual of reading the map's real secret and how to repair Guybrush's ship and return to Melee Island.

Part 4 - Things Get Complicated

  1. Get the 5 keys for the safe - This page explains where to find the Secret on Melee Island, what are the rules for collecting the Golden Keys, how to get the map of the archipelago and what are its main locations.
  2. Widey's Golden Key - We explain how to obtain the Golden Key of the old woman Widey Bones, which was stolen by Iron Rose.
  3. Old Mrs. Smith Golden Key - We inform how to find out about the Golden Key of old woman Smith and how to get it with the help of Locke Smith and the Judge from Brrr Muda Island.
  4. Bella Fisher's Golden Key - Here's how to obtain 3 items required to find the Bella Fisher shipwreck: these are the flag from the quarantined ship, the flag from the museum and the flag from the Cod's Wallop gift shop.
  5. Golden Key Brrr Muda Island - this page is dedicated to Brrr Muda Golden Key - the quest for it involves finding the Ice Queen and winning 3 trials: Contest of Intelligence, Contest of Seriousness, and Contest of Heartiness.
  6. Golden Key Terror Island - here we show how to obtain a light source and how to successfully cross the Maze. The final part involves getting the key from Herman by force.

Part 5 - Beneath the Monkey Head

  1. Finding LeChuck - the pursuit for LeChuck involves solving 4 puzzles. Here we explain how to open 3 Stone Doors and how to complete a major puzzle involving the Code Wheel.
  2. Opening the chest and ending - time to open the chest containing the Secret of the Monkey Island. We also show the possible endings (if there is more than one) and what additional content is unlocked after completing the story.

Return to Monkey Island: Game length

It should take several hours to complete all chapters of Return to Monkey Island. The play time can be extended if you play on the hard difficulty since it has more complex and more frequent puzzles.

More information is available on a separate page: Game length.

Return to Monkey Island: PC system requirements

  1. Processor: AMD FX-4300/Intel Core i3-3240
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics card: Radeon HD 7750 (1024 VRAM)/GeForce GT 640 (2048 VRAM)
  4. Disk space: 4 GB
  5. Operating system: Windows 10/11 64-bits

The complete information about the game's requirements can be found on a separate page: System requirements.

Return to Monkey Island: Language versions

Return to Monkey Island is available in 10 languages. You'll find more information on the Language versions page.

About Return to Monkey Island Walkthrough

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Return to Monkey Island Video Game

  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Terrible Toybox
  • publisher: Devolver Digital
  • platform: PC, Switch

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