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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Eco footprint - green or industrial, how to reach? Sims 4 Guide, tips

Last update: 07 April 2022

On this page of The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle guide you will learn what is the Eco Footprint and how to achieve either a green or an industrial footprint in your world.

An ecological footprint is the state of the environment in which a district is located. Footprints available in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle:

  1. Green - flowers and trees grow everywhere, Sims are happier, there are sun rays in the sky; this is a variant that focuses on self-sufficiency and frugality;
  2. Industrial - the district is riddled with smog, Sims will cough and feel tension, and as a result, some activities will be hindered; the industrial footprint is dedicated to earning Simoleons;
  3. Neutral - is the state in which a given neighborhood looks as it usually does.

Here are tips on how to create a green or an industrial footprint in your area:

Unfortunately, the industrial footprint is associated with more garbage. - The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Eco footprint - green or industrial, how to reach? - The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle - Sims 4 Guide
Unfortunately, the industrial footprint is associated with more garbage.

How to activate Eco Footprint mode in other worlds?

Enter the options, then the Eco Lifestyle tab, and then select the Enable Gameplay Element: Eco Footprint. The eco footprint of a given parcel can be checked by clicking on the foot icon at the top, in the middle of the World Management screen.

How to check the progress of changing the footprint?

Just go to World Management screen and press the foot icon at the top of the screen, next to the name of the area. An information will appear over each parcel, revealing what eco footprint it currently has.

Green eco footprint - how to achieve?

A green eco footprint can be achieved in a few simple steps, but the process requires a little patience - not all changes happen right away.

  1. Home remodeling - items in buy mode have an effect on the ecological footprint. When furnishing and customizing your home, check the chosen items, wallpapers, floors, etc. for the highest possible green footprint. In build mode, this will be particularly important when selecting walls, floors, and roof. In buy mode, choose bathroom and kitchen equipment that is eco-friendly and buy energy processing machines, such as dew collectors, solar panels, or wind turbines.
  2. Redecorating public lots - this is not required, but it will speed up the process. When redecorating the lots, remember the tips from the previous subparagraph.
  3. Voting on Neighborhood Action Plans and Community Shared Lots - those associated with greenery and self-sufficiency will increase the green footprint.
  4. Trees and plants! - the more there are, the greener the footprint

Industrial eco footprint - how to achieve?

It is a process identical to the one we go through when working towards a green eco footprint - it also requires patience. In order to achieve an industrial eco footprint, consider making changes in the following aspects:

  1. Home remodeling - specific items found in build and buy modes influence the eco footprint factor towards industrial. Floors, walls, furnishings - look for those that add additional points towards industrial. The higher the value the better. When it comes to new eco-friendly machines, steer towards fuel-based ones, such as power generating units.
  2. Redeveloping public lots will accelerate industrialization of the area. Remodel them the same as your own house.
  3. Vote on Neighborhood Action Plans and Community Shared Lots - when choosing initiatives, focus on those that focus on technology and earnings.
  4. Minimum greenery - remove grass and trees - the less natural ground and surroundings, the better.

Space travels work well with industrial footprint

To further increase the industrial footprint, buy Sim a rocket and send him into space often.

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