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Total War: Warhammer II Game Guide

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Clan Mors - hints, advice and tips | Factions Total War: Warhammer II Guide

Last update: 22 November 2017

This chapter provides hints for playing as Clan Mors commanded by Queek Head Hunter.

The starting situation

Queek starts the game with one city - Yuatek. Your first enemy are High Elves - Fortress of Dawn. By your borders, there is their army of 11 units stationed. To the North of your territories, there are Lizardmen factions, hostile towards you. To the East, there are two Skaven factions -Moulder Clan and Mordkin Clan, which you will also have to defeat. The nearest settlement with pastures is to the North-East, in the territory of Last Defenders (faction of one of the Lizardmen Legendary Lords - Kroq-Gar).

Initial turns

It is a good idea to use units attacking from the underground to attack archers. - Clan Mors - hints, advice and tips | Factions - Skavens - Total War: Warhammer II Game Guide
It is a good idea to use units attacking from the underground to attack archers.

Start the game by developing the main building in Yuatek and attack the nearby army of High Elves. They have advantage in numbers, but you should be able to emerge victorious by using the "Menace Below", thanks to which you can summon additional units into the battlefield. After you have crushed the Elven army, return to your territories and start recruitment of three additional units of Clanrats. Then, attack the nearest enemy settlement (Light of Dawn). Having seizing the settlement, it is a good idea to use up some food to expand it to level 2. Then, start erecting Ratling Colony (this will speed up the development of your province and the rate at which warp spreads).

Then, head out for the next settlement in this province - Strag Hole. At the same time, recruit more units of Clanrats, and build Taskmaster's Platform in your capital (this will increase social order). The next seized settlement can also be developed to level 2 with food, where you build a Ratling Colony and Rubbish Pit. Also, issue orders that increase social order and wait for several turns, for discontent to stabilize. In the meantime, develop Yuatek, and the Taskmaster's Platform. After that, build another Rubbish Pit there. Next, develop Light of Dawn, where you will erect a defense building afterwards - since this is a harbor settlement, it can often be attacked by Lizardmen or High Elves.

Then, attack another High Elven city - Tor Surpindar. In this case, after you have seized it, do not use up food to develop it, because your supply may drop significantly. Instead, build a Ratling Colony. Wait for several turns for your resources to regenerate - you can, in the meantime, develop another lord in the Strag Hole and start forming another army.

Your next target is Soteka caverns - there is a ritual resource location here. It is in the hands of another Skaven faction - Moulder Clan. Most probably, they will have, at least, two armies (plus a garrison), so attack first the army outside of the settlement. Then, you stand a chance of ambushing them and avoiding fighting two armies at the same time.

Hell Pit Abomination is a very dangerous opponent. - Clan Mors - hints, advice and tips | Factions - Skavens - Total War: Warhammer II Game Guide
Hell Pit Abomination is a very dangerous opponent.

During the attack on the settlement, your main problem is the Hell Pit Abomination - this is a powerful monster, whom it is best to flood with your units. Additionally, remember that your Stormvermin with halberds have a bonus vs. Large, so it is a good idea to send at least one such unit to the battle against this monster. The rest of the army should not be that difficult to defeat, especially with support of the units summoned into the battle (it is best to use it for surrounding the enemy).

In the settlement, build Warpstone (if it is not there, for some reason). This will provide you with points necessary to perform Rituals.

Next turns

In the following turns, expand to the North. Defeat the Skaven faction - Mordkin Clan and attack Lizardmen faction afterwards - The Last Defenders. It is very important for you to seize their capital city - Temple of Skulls. There are Pastures there, so you will be able to erect a building generating food. Right next to it, you will find a Ritual Resource Site - Golden Tower.

Also, it is a good idea to have a raid Eastwards and conquer the isles there - The Sea of Dread province. The High Elves there can raid your territories. Yet, it may prove difficult to seize their cities.

Later on, you can attack Lizardmen and seize their territories to the West of the mountain range.

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