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Total War: Warhammer II Game Guide

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Enlistment of Heroes and How to Use Them | Lords and Heroes Total War: Warhammer II Guide

Last update: 12 October 2017

Heroes are equivalents of agents in the previous installments of Total War, however the scope of their activity has been somewhat widened. This chapter provides information on how heroes work.

How to recruit heroes

To recruit a hero, you will have to, just like in the case of military units, erect appropriate building in the settlement, which will allow you to recruit them. Then, after you pick, at the bottom of the screen, the "Recruit a hero" option, a window with available heroes in that province will pop up (they are grouped in individual tabs, depending on the type). Just like in the case of newly-recruited lords, heroes also have a specific starting characteristic. Additionally, you will have to spend some money each turn, for their upkeep.

Before you decide to recruit a hero, take a look at his abilities on the campaign map. These are listed in the window on the left. There are three categories of these.

  1. Army conscription - this effect is in power when the hero joins one of your armies. It may be, e.g. faster replenishment of losses suffered in battles.
  2. Permanent local effect - which means a permanent effect in the province that the Hero is currently staying in. It may be decreasing the level of warp in the province, or the ability to increase social order.
  3. Goal - means the goals that the hero will strive to achieve, when you order him to perform an action in the enemy settlement, on the enemy hero or army. It may be, e.g. assassination of the enemy hero.

Additionally, there are the hero's abilities in the battlefield. In this respect, heroes are divided into two overall categories: warriors and mages. You can familiarize yourself with yourself with statistics and spells of heroes from the level of your own battle.

Note: there is a limit on the number of heroes of a given type that you can have. You can increase the limit by erecting appropriate buildings - you can find them listed after you have rolled the mouse over the marker of Hero limits in the upper-right corner of the enlistment panel.

How to use heroes

If you want your heroes to impose an effect on a province, or support your forces, using them is not problematic. Simply, you out your hero in the province you want and command him to join the army, by clicking the RMB - the hero's effect will start to work immediately. Things get more complicated when you want to perform an action against other factions.

After you select the hero, and specify the target for him, using the RMB, you will see a list of possible effects to perform and their cost. After you roll the mouse over the available action, you will see a list of possible results of the action and percentage chance for each one of the effects. These are:

  1. Positive effect - which means the chance for succeeding with that specific action. When it comes to actions such as assassination, this result is even further broken down into regular success (where the other character takes wounds), and critical success (where the character is murdered).
  2. Negative effect, hero failure - the hero fails to perform the action, so there are no effects.
  3. negative effect, wounded hero - the hero fails to perform the action and, additionally, he takes wounds, as a result of which you will be unable to use him for several rounds. In critical situations, the hero may also die, as a result of which you lose him irreversibly.

There are number of factors that affect the result of the action. The most important are the Hero's level, abilities of the hero and items he has on him.

A frequent result of the Hero actions (outside of the actual effect of the action), is drop in relations between you and the faction you initiated the action against. These penalties are not too high, but they stack, so frequent hero actions result in considerable drop in relations. Additionally, the hero loses all the remaining movement points after performing the action.

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