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Total War: Warhammer II Game Guide

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Replenishment of Losses and Experience of Units | The Army Total War: Warhammer II Guide

Last update: 12 October 2017

This chapter discusses the last two factors key to the management of units on the campaign map.

Replenishment of losses

During battles (or as a result of exhaustion or actions of the hero), your units are sure to sustain losses as a result of which, their numbers will decrease (in the case of single units, this will mean lower HP). There are several ways, in which to replenish losses.

The first one is to select the appropriate option in the menu, after you win the battle. Thanks to this, your units will replenish some of their losses and, if they are low, your units will immediately return to full health.

The second way is automatic regeneration of losses when you are in your own, or allied, territory. Each turn, units will regenerate a portion of their HP (and soldiers). There are several factors that can speed up this process, such as buildings erected in the province, or issuance of an order, as well as abilities of your Lord and your hero that led the army. Entering the city with your army will also help. You can also use the camp mode to replenish losses while in the enemy territory. If, the level of warp in the area that you are in is high, then the only way to regenerate is to enter a city or enter the camping mode.

The third way is to fuse units. When you select, at least, two thinned out units in the army, an icon allowing to fuse them will appear above their cards. This way, you can quickly replenish losses, but you will have to form new units in their place. This way is good to use when your units have sustained high losses and it takes a long time to replenish them (cost to upkeep a unit of 12 is the same as to upkeep a full unit), it sometimes makes more sense to form a new unit. The downside of this way is that you partially lose experience of the units. Of course, you cannot use this method with units of one.

Experience of units

As a result of battles, your units will gradually gain experience. Successive experience levels are represented by stripes that appear on unit cards (brown stripes represent levels 1-3, silver - 4-6 and gold - 7-9). Experience affects unit statistics:

  1. Leadership - their base morale
  2. Melee attack - chance to hit the enemy
  3. Melee defense - chance to avoid being hit

The remaining statistics, such as armor, or damage dealt remain the same, because thy are affected by the gear that the unit has. You can increase them by buying specific abilities for the Lord commanding the army.

You can also gain experience by buying abilities for the Lord, or for the hero that is included in the army.

You can also enlist units with certain level of experience. This can be the effect of abilities of the Lord commanding the armies, an order issued in a province, or developed technologies.

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