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Total War Warhammer 3 Guide

Total War Warhammer 3 Guide

Spooky tin soldiers Total War Warhammer 3 guide is full walkthrough, Begginer's Guide, tips for combat, state management, diplomacy. We describe all factions, types of units, army mechanics, conducting battles, best military strategies, system requirements.

Last update: 09 June 2022

The Total War Warhammer 3 game guide has all the information necessary to complete the game. It also includes a description of the mechanics and factions.

You will learn which country is the best for beginners. In addition, you will also find useful tips as well as a walkthrough for the campaign. You will also learn about the interface and battle strategies.

The first chapter (Basics) will introduce you to the most important aspects of Total War: Warhammer 3. You will learn which faction to choose as your first, what you should remember about during the game, as well as whether it is worth going through the Prologue.

In the appendix, you will find additional information about the game. Learn all about the keybinds and system requirements of Total War: Warhammer 3. In addition, we have included information about the language versions and the game's length.

The Campaign Map section will help you familiarize yourself with the elements of managing your country. Here you will learn everything about the interface, moving around the map, or provinces.

The Factions/Races chapter describes all the nations you can play in Total War: Warhammer 3. These are: Kislev, Daemons of Chaos, Great Cathay, Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, and the Ogre Kingdoms. The chapter discusses their characteristics, military and special mechanics. In Total War Warhammer 3 you can also play a large number of new factions: The Ice Court, The Great Orthodoxy, Ursun Revivalists, Legions of Chaos, The Northern Provinces, The Western Provinces, Exiles of Khorne, Poxmakers of Nurgle, Seducers of Slaanesh, Oracles of Tzeentch, Goldtooth and Disciples of the Maw. Our guide explains how to start your adventure with them.

The army will allow you to familiarize yourself with the war aspect of the game. You will learn how to recruit and manage an army. We also discussed the types of units as well as their strengths and weaknesses. This part of the guide will teach you how the terrain affects the battles. We not only discuss skirmishes in the open field but also sieges.

In the Lords and Heroes section, you will learn all about these powerful characters. You will read about their equipment, statistics and how they can be useful for you. Take a look at this section, as Total War Warhammer 3 offers a large number of legendary heroes: Tzarina Katarin; Konstaltyn; Boris Ursus; Miao Ying, the Storm Dragon; Zhao Ming, the Iron Dragon; Skarbrand the Exiled; Ku'gath the Plaguefather; N'Kari; Karios Fateweaver; Greasus Goldtooth and Skrag the Slaughterer. We will discuss their equipment and statistics, and tell you what they can be useful for.

The Daemon domains section is closely related to the storyline of Total War: Warhammer 3. You will learn how to deal with the difficult challenges of obtaining the souls of daemon princes. You will learn how to get to the daemon lairs: the Brass Citadel, The Mansion of the Plague Lord, the Palace of Slaanesh, the Impossible Fortress, the Forge of Souls. You will also find out how to defeat the following demonic princes: the Gatekeeper, the Gardener, the Courtesan, the Librarian, Be'lakor.

Total War Warhammer 3 - Quick beginner's tips

  1. Think about the composition of your army carefully. Different types of units have different uses. Cavalry/monsters will swiftly attack the enemy's rear/flanks, infantry will stop the attack, and archers and artillery will decimate the enemy before they even reach you, etc.
  2. Don't forget about the economy! Remember that maintaining an army costs money, and accepting each new lord increases your military expenses by 1%. At first it doesn't seem like much, but it will quickly become a large amount. This tip is especially important in the beginning, when you aren't able to participate in large and numerous battles and profit from them. Therefore, do not train more armies than necessary, unless the profits from the war exceed the costs.
  3. Have at least one hero in each army. The army is managed by lords, but heroes can be very useful as they add bonuses for soldiers (depending on their class). Some will speed up losses replenishment, others will train units etc. In addition, they can deal with enemy agents who can weaken your troops.
  4. Merge provinces. The province system was added in the Total War series some time ago. Most of them consist of several smaller areas - the capital and settlements. Unfortunately, you will only get the full management potential after you conquer the entire region.
  5. Use groups. You can group your units on the battle map. This allows you to manage them faster during battles. Groups are extremely useful because you can select several units with just one click. To do this, select soldiers (Alt + RMB and Shift + RMB) and press the G key.

More tips can be found on a separate page of the guide: Beginner's guide.

Total War Warhammer 3: Basics

  1. Prologue
  2. Good starting faction
  3. Heroic victory
  4. Objectives, missions, victory conditions
  5. Settlement development, buildings and climate
  6. Diplomacy
  7. Rifts and Corruption

Total War Warhammer 3: Campaign Map

  1. User Interface
  2. Provinces
  3. Movement

Total War Warhammer 3: All factions


  1. How to start?
  2. Military
  3. Unique mechanics
  4. Technologies and buildings
  5. Boris Ursus


  1. How to start?
  2. Military
  3. Unique mechanics
  4. Technologies and buildings

Grand Cathay:

  1. How to start?
  2. Military
  3. Unique mechanics
  4. Technologies and buildings

Ogre Kingdoms:

  1. How to get the DLC?
  2. How to start?
  3. Military
  4. Unique mechanics
  5. Technologies and buildings


  1. How to start?
  2. Military
  3. Unique mechanics
  4. Technologies and buildings

Daemons of Chaos:

  1. How to start?
  2. Military
  3. Unique mechanics
  4. Technologies and buildings


  1. How to start?
  2. Military
  3. Unique mechanics
  4. Technologies and buildings


  1. How to start?
  2. Military
  3. Unique mechanics
  4. Technologies and buildings

Total War Warhammer 3: Military

  1. Winds of Magic and spells
  2. Military: recruiting and replenishment
  3. Battles
  4. Units
  5. Sieges

Total War Warhammer 3: Lords and heroes

  1. Recruitment
  2. Usage
  3. Equipment and missions
  4. Abilities

Total War Warhammer 3: Realms of Chaos

  1. General rules
  2. Khorne Realm
  3. Slaanesh Realm
  4. Nurgle Realm
  5. Tzeentch Realm
  6. Battles for the daemon souls
  7. Forge of Souls

Total War Warhammer 3: PC system requirements

Below you can find the system requirements for Total War Warhammer 3. However, only the minimum requirements are presented here. For more information, check out the System requirements page.

  1. Operating system: Windows 7
  2. Processor: Intel i3/Ryzen 3 series
  3. RAM: 6 GB
  4. Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 900/AMD RX 400 series/Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  5. Disk space: 120 GB

About Total War Warhammer 3 Guide

Author : Damian "Czarus" Gacek for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Total War: Warhammer III Video Game

  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Creative Assembly
  • publisher: SEGA
  • platform: PC

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