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WH40K: Rogue Trader Guide

WH40K: Rogue Trader Guide

Embrace Your Heirloom Rogue Trader guide, tips are all classes, archetypes, companions, races, romance, factions, profit factor, trauma, character creation, turn based, endings, coop, multiplayer, Eurac V puzzle, Cassia, Argenta, Dark Eldar, origin path, party size.

Last update: 12 January 2024

Check out our Rogue Trader guide, in which we describe all the most important aspects of the game. We discuss archetypes, i.e. classes, and how to create your own character in the character creator. We list all companions and possible romances in the game. You will learn what each ending in Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader looks like and how to start a co-op. We explained how many characters you can have in your party, how the turn-based combat looks like, who Cassia, Argenta and Dark Eldar are.

Rogue Trader: Guide contents

Our Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader guide opens with the basics, in which you will find a description of all classes, called archetypes. On the companions page, you will learn about all 10 characters that you can add to your party and read about 3 secret companions. The romances page contains detailed information on how to start a relationship with companions and whether you can romance all companions.

The FAQ section contains answers to the most important questions. We explain how to solve the puzzle on Eurac V and what is the code for Footfall. You will find out who Dark Eldar is and whether the game has a secret ending. Our tips will help you catch the Interstellar Sextant, recite the First Galvanic Hymn, and defeat the Chaos Marine Aurora.

On the appendix pages of the guide, you will read what languages are supported by the game and what are the minimum PC requirements. We explain how to start a game in Coop and whether the game has multiplayer.

Rogue Trader: Basics

  1. All classes - Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader has 4 basic character classes. In our guide, we explain which Archetype to choose and what subsequent archetypes will be unlocked when advancing to level 16.
  2. All companions - here we describe all 10 companions from the game. You will learn how to recruit every companion and get to know their statistics and abilities. At the end of the page you will find tips about 3 secret companions.
  3. All romances - on this page we explain who you can romance in Rogue Trader and whether you can romance all companions.

Rogue Trader: FAQ


  1. Is Rogue Trader turn-based? - on this page we discuss how the combat in Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader looks like. We explain how to move around the battlefield and how many actions you can take during your turn.
  2. Can you have a romance with Argenta? - If you're wondering if you can romance Sister Argenta, check out our guide where we describe when you'll meet this companion.
  3. How many companions are in the party? - in this guide, we explain the party size. You will find out how many members your party can consist of at most.
  4. Who is Dark Eldar? - on this page you will learn who Marazhai is, also known as Dark Eldar, a character belonging to the Drukhari family,.
  5. What is the max level of a character? - this guide explains what level your character can advance to in Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader.
  6. Is there a secret ending? - on this page we have precisely described how to step by step unlock the secret ending, which is related to the How Did It All End trophy.
  7. Incognito or officially on Footfall? - this page answers the question: is it better to land on Footfall as incognito or officially. You will find out what the differences between the two options are and whether they affect the further gameplay of Rogue Trader.

How to:

  1. How to increase Profit Factor? - You need a high Profit Factor level to trade with different factions in Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader. In our guide, we explain how to quickly increase the Profit Factor already in the first level of the game.
  2. How to increase reputation? - thanks to high reputation, you will have access to better items from merchants . On this guide page, you will read about raising your reputation with each faction.
  3. How to save reactor on Rykad Minoris? - from this guide, you will learn how to save the reactor in the Gleam of the Final Dawn quest. In the video guide, we show how to defeat Electro-Priests.
  4. How to recite First Galvanic Hymn? - on the Rykad Minors you will visit location called Electrodynamic Cenobium. During the encounter with Data-Altar of Sacred Analysis, you will have to correctly recite the First Galvanic Hymn to open the secret doors with hidden items.
  5. How to interact with Bottomless Pit? - in this guide, we described how to communicate with Bottomless Pit on the planet Jungle World. You will learn how to obtain the status of Champion of the Abyss or Champion of the Darkness.
  6. How to capture Interstellar Sextant? - on this page we explained how to win the fight with Interstellar Sextant, in order to obtain valuable cargo and a new weapon for the ship, Starbreaker Lance.
  7. How to complete Underworld? - if you don't know how to discover Fidelio's true identity, check out our guide. The walkthrough of Underworld will help you to achieve 2 different endings of the quest, in which you can earn up to 4 Profit Factors.
  8. Chaos Marine Aurora - on this guide page you will find tips on defeating the final boss from chapter 1 of Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader. You will learn how position your party to fight against Chaos Marine Aurora.

Puzzle Solutions

  1. How to solve Eurac V lab puzzle? - Exploring Eurac V, you will come across a puzzle in the laboratory. In this guide you will find tips on how to discover Navis Nobilite Secrets.
  2. What is the code in Footfall? - in chapter 2, you will reach Footfall. In the docks, you will come across a note that will give you the code to the container on Footfall.

Rogue Trader: Language versions

On the language versions page we have listed all available languages in Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader. You will find out if full audio is only in English and in what languages you can have the subtitles.

Rogue Trader: PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-49590T CPU @2 GHz
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: AMD Radeon RX Vega 6/Intel HD Graphics 630
  5. Disk space: 100 GB

You can read more about the recommended requirements for Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader on the PC system requirements page.

Rogue Trader: Co-op

On the Co-op page, you will learn how to play with friends and whether the game has a multiplayer mode. We explain how many players you can invite to your party.

About WH40K: Rogue Trader Guide

Author : Olga "Hippie" Fiszer for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

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Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Video Game

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  • platform: PC, PS5, XSX

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