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Workers and Resources Guide

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Workers and Resources: Tips and tricks Workers and Resources guide, tips

In this part of the guide to Workers and Resources Soviet Republic, you will learn a few general tips to avoid the mistakes of novice players and let your young republic flourish.

Last update: 30 March 2023

In this part of the Workers and Resources game guide, you will learn a handful of tips that will ensure the development of your republic, help you take care of its budget, and make the citizens stay in your country to work in factories and shops.

Take the time to find a good location for the city

When planning your first city, remember about a few rules: look for a place close to the border, with the largest possible border crossing, close to resources that do not require advanced industry and technology. A convenient location for the new city would be close to the border with two existing neighbors, which will provide easy access to trade for rubles and dollars in the future.

Use the feature of building by yourself

You can start by using bulldozers and excavators to level the landscape for your future city. Gradually introduce materials produced by your industry into construction, start with gravel and wood, then move on to more advanced materials. Use your workers, as hiring foreign labor will be costly for you.

Take care of public transport

Remember that passengers are limited by both travel distance and travel time - Workers and Resources: Tips and tricks - Basics - Workers and Resources Guide

Remember that passengers are limited by both travel distance and travel time. Take the time to plan roads, paths, and railroads correctly. The game also allows you to manage the created connections by mapping bus lines or those created with other vehicles. In the game you will find buses, cars, trams, trains, ships and even planes and helicopters. Plan separate lines for workers, for tourists, passengers and students - the game allows you to control which of the above-mentioned types of citizens should enter or leave the vehicle at the stop and the destination.

Check the stats

Regularly check the state of the republic using the Demographics and Statistics tabs - Workers and Resources: Tips and tricks - Basics - Workers and Resources Guide

Regularly check the state of the republic using the Demographics and Statistics tabs. In the first, you will find information on health, education and, most importantly, death and emigration rates. The second tab will show you the prices of materials, the volume of imports and exports of the republic, thanks to which you will be able to plan which branch of industry to develop and on which product to focus production.

Pay attention to the details

The game requires paying attention to detail - regularly research the needs of your inhabitants by clicking on the buildings. Lack of food will cause a rapid increase in emigration and deaths in the country, and bringing residents from abroad will be expensive. Because of the game's mechanics it is easy to make a mistake when building tracks and roads or sidewalks, which may result in traffic jams, blocking export or causing shortages in stores.

Reward loyal citizens

An important aspect that you need to address, especially if you have chosen a higher reaction of citizens, is their loyalty to the state. You can reward them in many ways:

  1. employ citizens with high loyalty in schools, radio, television and security services,
  2. give citizens cars and apartments of a higher standard,
  3. build monuments in your cities that raise the level of loyalty.

You can check the indicator only with the help of wiretaps installed in residential buildings by the security service. A low level of loyalty will mean a decrease in the workers' productivity and causing them to leave the country.

The health of your citizens is the health of your republic

Take care of the health of the inhabitants - the game has a game mode with pollution, global events and water to choose from. After selecting these modes, you have to take special care of the residential districts, proper placement of water intakes, the distance of blocks and houses from factories or fields, and when building hospitals, check the range of ambulances. Diseases caused by pollution as well as the lack of a hospital within the reach of households will cause an increase in the number of deaths, a bad water intake will increase the cost of water purification, so do not poison the citizens!

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