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Titanfall 2 PC specs revealed, watch a new trailer

NewsSeptember 23, 2016 - by luckie

Respawn Entertainment shared specific details on Titanfall 2 PC video options and the system requirements: minimum, recommended, and ultra – the latter for a smooth 60 FPS 4K experience. Interestingly, the game will most likely be able to run decently on a computer below the minimum specs, since these indicate what hardware you need to run the game at 60 FPS with 1600x900 resolution and most detailes turned on. There is also a new trailer with tasty bits of gameplay.

Rocket League AquaDome free update coming out in October

NewsSeptember 23, 2016 - by luckie

Psyonix have announced a free update for their rocket-powered car version of soccer, Rocket League, featuring a new underwater arena called AquaDome. Along with that come two new Battle-Car DLCs: slick, futuristic Triton and heavy research vessel Proteus. These bad boys, however, will not be given away for free – they will be priced at $1.99 each. For the first year out on the market Rocket League has been receiving many content updates and DLCs, and its develoeprs are promising more of that in the future.

No Man's Sky has fewer than 1000 concurrent players

NewsSeptember 23, 2016 - by luckie

Immensely hyped space exploration game No Man’s Sky turned out to be a disappointment soon after it launched on August 9 for PC and PlayStation 4. Although Hello Games certainly offered an impressive huge world made up of bazillion stars and planets, there are actually few things to do there, not to mention that many of the features promised prior to the release are missing. These troubles, plus poor performance of the PC version, translate to a significant drop in the number of players – from the all-time peak of 212,321 on the launch day to fewer than one thousand concurrent players on Steam.

Divinity: Original Sin II Game Guide Game Guide

Game GuideSeptember 23, 2016 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

The Divinity: Original Sin II Game Guide contains description of all quests available in the game, from the ones connected to the main plotline, up to optional, side adventures. Aside from that, the dedicated chapters contain maps of all locations.

Life is Feudal: Forest Village hands-on – serious survival Settlers

Game PreviewSeptember 22, 2016 - by Adam Zechenter

Life is Feudal: Forest Village is a survival economic strategy set in the Middle Ages. The game has recently hit Early Access on Steam, so we’ve decided to see what’s what. After launching the game it turned out that we’d seen all this before. And there’s a reason for that – to say that Forest Village is strikingly similar to Banished would be a serious understatement. But it’s not exactly a clone either. What is this game exactly, and what is it shaping up to be months before the release? Here are our initial impressions from Life is Feudal: Forest Village.

Resident Evil VII PC specs revealed

NewsSeptember 22, 2016 - by luckie

Although there is still much time until the release of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, Capcom has decided to share its PC specs anyway. The game’s minimum and recommended system requirements were revealed on its Steam page. It is noted, however, that the product is still under development, so the requirements are prone to change. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is going to offer classic survival horror experience with less action and more scary moments. What’s new to this cult series is the use of first-person perspective, which makes the next installment somewhat similar to Outlast, SOMA, and many other recent horror games.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game to be stress tested this week

NewsSeptember 22, 2016 - by luckie

Before the Closed Beta of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game launches on September 25, 2016, CD Projekt RED are planning to stress test the game on PC in order to make sure everything runs smoothly for beta-testers. Kill the Servers! event will take place this Friday and next Tuesday. However, only selected Closed Beta participants will be invited for the stress test. KtS! keys are going to be distributed via social media, so you may want to follow CD Projekt RED on Twitter and Facebook. will be no more – Blizzard is renaming their key online service

NewsSeptember 22, 2016 - by luckie

Blizzard Entertainment is going to ditch the name, and use the universal Blizzard name instead for their online-gaming service. At its core, technology will still be functioning as a main hub for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, and other games from that publisher, but will be rebranded to or something similar. Blizzard explained that recently the existence of a separate identity has been causing occasional confusion.

Live-action horror game The Bunker is out now starring Adam Brown from The Hobbit

NewsSeptember 21, 2016 - by luckie

An innovative take on survival horror genre – The Bunker – is now available on PC. What makes the game unique is that this is a completely live action interactive story with a pretty impressive cast, including Adam Brown (Ori from The Hobbit) and story written by screenwriters and designers behind Broken Sword, The Witcher and SOMA. The Bunker is set in the post-apocalyptic England within a nuclear bunker, whose last surviving dweller has to rediscover his long-supressed memories and unveil the dark secret of the compound.

Sniper Elite 4 first official gameplay trailer featuring brutal X-ray kills

NewsSeptember 21, 2016 - by luckie

Sniper Elite 4 has got the first official gameplay trailer, which showcases some brutal X-ray vision kills at both close quarters and long range. Ways to take down Nazis will be countless – from knife blows, kicks in the face, punches in the belly, or pushing enemies off a cliff to bullets piercing inner organs, knocking heavy objects down at guards, blowing up stuff, etc. Pre-ordering the game before the release (February 14, 2017) will get you the Target Führer DLC for free.

All Battlefield 1 maps and modes revealed, featuring War Pigeon Mode

NewsSeptember 21, 2016 - by luckie

Electronic Arts have revealed all the maps and modes of Battlefield 1. Apart from the nine semi-historical battlegrounds that will be available at launch on October 21, 2016, another one is coming as a free DLC in December. If you decide to get the Season Pass, you will get 16 more across four paid DLCs, the first pack coming in March 2017. Thanks to the recent beta, DICE decided to make some changes in the rules of some classic modes as well as include necessary balance tweaks.

Cossacks 3 review – a sad return to the past

Game ReviewSeptember 21, 2016 - by Adam Zechenter

The Cossacks are making a comeback – but is it a triumphant one? 16 years after the debut of the first game in the series the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World is giving us a remake of this production. The refreshed game features nice graphics, clearly refreshed, meticulously made models of units and buildings alike and a total of twelve playable nations. The thing is that for some reason the devs didn’t address the shortcomings of the original version, and the worst example of this approach is the crippled AI. Even though it keeps churning out enemy units, its repetitive behavior quickly spoils any fun we were hoping to have. Check out our review of Cossacks 3.

Hilarious adventure game Manual Samuel lets you control hero’s entire body; due in October

NewsSeptember 20, 2016 - by luckie

Next month we will see the release of Manual Samuel, a hilarious adventure game by indie studio Curve Digital. The game will let you play as Samuel, a spoiled rich boy who dies and strikes a deal with Death, upon which he has to survive 24 hours completely on his own. This means that the player has to control the character’s entire body manually – from breathing and blinking to driving and walking. What adds to the game’s overall charm arethe hand-drawn 2D graphics that look like a Cartoon Networks show.

GTA Online to get Bikers DLC soon

NewsSeptember 20, 2016 - by luckie

GTA Online is to get the Bikers DLC letting you team up with fellow motorcycle gangsters and wreak havoc across the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County. You will be able to create and lead your own Motorcycle Club cosisting of up to 8 players and engage in a whole range of competitive and co-op forms of gameplay. Naturally, Bikers DLC will introduce new vehicles and properties for MC Clubhouses as well as themed play modes, weapons, tattoos and other features.

DayZ developer brewing an AAA multiplayer game

NewsSeptember 19, 2016 - by luckie

DayZ creator, Dean “Rocket” Hall, and his studio Rocketwerkz are working on another big game, something other than the space MMO Ion. There are currently no details on the project other than the fact that it's going to be a revolutionary triple-A multiplayer game. “I believe it's a gap in the market. For that reason I'm going to be pretty coy about exact specifics of it”, Hall told Eurogamer. The money for the project comes from Chinese company Tencent, who invested in Rocketwerkz’ next game, but aren’t going to publish it.

Death Stranding might come out in 2018 and feature a playable heroine

NewsSeptember 19, 2016 - by luckie

At last week’s Tokyo Game Show Hideo Kojima said that Death Stranding is going to launch before Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and before the year the story of Akira is set, which is 2019 – so the most probable case scenario is 2018. This will be an open-world action game with a strong connection between story, game, and world. Apparently, Death Stranding will feature two playable characters: a male played by Norman Reedus and a female, not yet revealed. The game is to offer a new form of co-op play, but no details were given on that.

GTA 5 Redux available now – download the complete fan-made overhaul for free

NewsSeptember 19, 2016 - by luckie

Fan-made Grand Theft Auto V complete overhaul GTA 5 Redux by Josh Romito is out now. What strikes you first when looking at the mod is the improved graphics with reworked weather system, more realistic lighting simulation, and loads of new textures, including 4K. The mod also features tweaked handling for every vehicle in the game and adds more realistic weapon behavior. Also be prepared for a re-configured wanted system as well as the police using new vehicles, weapons and tactics. You can now download the mod for free.

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