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Call of Duty Cold War Guide by

Call of Duty Cold War Guide

Table of Contents

Call of Duty Cold War: Perks and field upgrades - list, best ones; multiplayer Call of Duty Cold War guide, walkthrough

Last update: 25 March 2021

This section of the Call of Duty Cold War guide contains information on the multiplayer field upgrades and perks. Perks and field upgrades will allow you to complete your class and adapt it to your playing style. On this page, you will learn how they affect the game.


Perks are divided into 3 categories:

Red perks

  1. Engineer - you can detect enemy equipment through walls. You also see scorestreaks on the minimap.
  2. Paranoia - you hear an alert when someone is aiming at you,
  3. Flak Jacket - you take less damage,
  4. Tactical Mask - less sensitivity to flash and stun grenades, total resistance to gas,
  5. Forward Intel - minimap shows a larger area, you can see enemies on the minimap.

Blue perks

  1. Assassin - players who are on a Killstreak are marked on the minimap. Eliminating them will grant you extra points,
  2. Gearhead - reduces field upgrade cooldown. You can also hold 2 charges of one field upgrade,
  3. Scavenger - you can pick up ammo from fallen players,
  4. Quartermaster - restores equipment faster (25 seconds),
  5. Tracker - you can see your enemies' footprints. Aiming at enemies reveals them on the minimap of your team members.

Yellow perks

  1. Gung-Ho - you can shoot and use equipment while sprinting. Move at maximum speed when reloading. You switch weapons faster and take less fall damage.
  2. Ghost - you are invisible to drones and enemy Spy Planes.
  3. Cold Blooded - enemy scorestreak will not target you. You will also not be highlighted on enemy players' scorestreaks (you can only be detected on thermal).
  4. Ninja - you sprint more quietly. Field Mic immunity,
  5. Spycraft - you can hack enemy field upgrades. Total immunity to Spy Planes, Tracker and Paranoia. You will not trigger enemy mines.

Best perks

The best perks from the Red category are undoubtedly the Flak Jacket and Paranoia. The Jacket will give you better protection - there are always a lot of grenades tossed around the map, so this perk will give you a big advantage. Paranoia is especially useful for snipers - it will let you know whether somebody's going to shoot you in a second.

Of the Blue perks, Scavenger is quite neat - useful when you remain alive for a long time and are short on ammo. If you prefer throwing grenades, the Quartermaster would be a good choice. More aggressive players and those who want to surprise their enemies will choose Tracker which shows the enemies' footprints on the ground.

The Yellow perks are the strongest in this lineup. Ninja is a very tempting choice, especially if you play against players who use headphones. Additionally, this perk conceals you from the Field Mic. Ghost is also quite nice, given that the Spy Plane is the most popular reward for a Killstreak - things are flying over your head non-stop. This perk will allow you to hide from such planes.

Field upgrades

Field upgrades are items that you can take with you to a multiplayer match and are not dependent on the points you earn. These are gadgets that remain in the game even after you die, and it takes time to "charge" them. The more powerful the upgrade, the more time it takes to recharge. There are 7 field upgrades in total:

  1. Proximity Mine - explodes on contact with enemy and vehicle. It ignores crouching enemies. A good tool for snipers. Available from Level 4,
  2. Field Mic - a very popular gadget that detects noisy enemies. Available from Level 4,
  3. Trophy System - destroys thrown equipment, grenades and missiles within a 10-meter radius. Available from Level 15,
  4. Assault Pack - a supply cache containing ammo for players,
  5. SAM turret - automatically shoots at enemy aircraft. Available from Level 18,
  6. Gas Mine - available from Level 24. Releases a gas cloud, deals damage and limits the enemy's vision,
  7. Jammer - available from Level 36. Creates a field where no field upgrades are working.
Each field upgrade has its own cooldown time - Call of Duty Cold War: Perks and field upgrades - list, best ones - Multiplayer mode - Call of Duty Cold War Guide
Each field upgrade has its own cooldown time

Best field upgrades

The most useful upgrades are the Proximity Mine (useful for setting up in narrow passages and for snipers), the Field Mic that detects noisy nearby enemies and the SAM turret - it will allow you to earn some points and significantly help the team by taking down all spy and assault aircraft.

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