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Darkest Dungeon Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Darkest Dungeon Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Darkest Dungeon The Crimson Court: Districts Darkest Dungeon Guide

Last update: 20 April 2023

You can access the District screen with the new button located on the bottom of the screen. - Darkest Dungeon The Crimson Court: Districts - Game mechanics - Darkest Dungeon Game Guide & Walkthrough
You can access the District screen with the new button located on the bottom of the screen.

Districts is a new mechanic introduced by the Crimson Court DLC. Inside of the new window you will find special buildings that, once constructed, offer various bonuses to the Estate, to your heroes and overall to gameplay. They are very expensive, but some of them are well worth the effort needed to construct them. You need three things to construct them. Those are heirlooms (the same that are used to upgrade "normal" buildings in the Estate), gold and Blueprints. Blueprints are new items that can be gained from two sources - either by a special event, or by killing one of the bosses of Veteran and Champion level. Each time you will gain one Blueprint.

Below you can find a table showing all of the available districts, as well as their costs and bonuses they offer.



Bonuses + tips

The Red Hook

25,000 Gold

750x Crest

1x Blueprint

It does not offer any bonuses to the player.


75x Portrait

1x Blueprint

Interest gained on saved gold: 5% per week.

It will reward you with 5% of the gold you had at the end of the previous week. If you had 100,000, you will receive 5,000, if you had 25,000, you will receive 1,250 Gold.

Cartographer's Camp

1,000 Gold

300x Crest

1x Blueprint

Torchlight is more beneficial. Various light levels will now be more beneficial to the player. More on that can be found in the "Light levels with the Cartographer's Camp" chapter.


60x Bust

1x Blueprint

+15% Healing when Eating.

Some food is granted for free each week - you will be able to get extra food at the beginning of each mission. Extremely useful for the Courtyard area.

Puppet Theatre

1,000 Gold

200x Crest

1x Blueprint

Idle stress relief in town increased by 10 per week. Heroes that aren't used in a mission will recover 10 more points of stress from staying in the Estate.

A very useful district if you struggle with stress management. If you have no problems with it, you should use the Blueprint for something else.

Sanguine Vintners

80x Bust

1x Blueprint

Gives 2 bottles of The Blood each week.

Probably the most useful district in the game, as it allows you to gain 2 bottles of The Blood each week (aside from those you collect on missions). It's especially useful if you have multiple heroes that are "infected" with the Crimson Curse.

House of the Yellow Hand

1,000 Gold

100x Portrait

1x Blueprint

Bounty Hunter, Grave Robber and Highwayman hero classes gain +2% CRT and +5% Scouting Chance.

Altar of Light

100 Gold

200x Deed

1x Blueprint

Crusader, Vestal and Flagellant hero classes receive +10% Stun Resist and +10% Healing Skills.

Training Ring

1,000 Gold

300x Crest

1x Blueprint

Arbalest, Houndmaster and Mat-at-Arms hero classes receive +4 ACC and +10% MAX HP.


1,000 Gold

110x Deed

1x Blueprint

Antiquarian, Occultist and Plague Doctor receive +15% Blight Skill Chance and +15% Debuff Skill Chance. Additionally, knowledge-type Curios offer 15 stress heal.

Performance Hall

500 Gold

40x Crest

1x Blueprint

Jester hero class gains -10% Stress, +2 SPD and +33% DMG from the Finale skill.

The ones you should construct first are:

  • Sanguine Vintners - 2 extra bottles of The Blood every week is extremely valuable, especially if you have a large amount of heroes inflicted with the Crimson Curse.
  • Granary - one of the cheapest buildings and one that will give the greatest benefits. This building will increase the amount of health restored with food and will give you some free food at the beginning of each mission. This will, basically, allow your team to carry more food on missions, which is very important during journeys to the Courtyard.
  • Cartographer's Camp - quite expensive (Crest-wise) buildings, but giving huge bonuses. This will either increase the benefits of full light (higher chance to scout and surprise the enemy) or negate some of the negative effects of no light (giving you a chance to surprise the enemy and increasing the amount of loot you can get even further).

Note - keep in mind that the values and prices shown in the above table are constantly changing due to balance fixes. We will regularly update the table with the current numbers.

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