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Darkest Dungeon Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Darkest Dungeon Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Darkest Dungeon The Crimson Court: Recommended heroes and team Darkest Dungeon Guide

Last update: 20 April 2023

Enemies in the Courtyard deal a lot of stress damage and can inflict Bleed and Blight statues. They are extremely vulnerable to Bleed, while quite resistant to Bleed. When venturing to the Courtyard, you should choose:

  1. Flagellant – the new character introduced by the Crimson Curse DLC is the perfect candidate for this area. He can deal huge Bleed damage to all ranks and can easily heal himself (and a member of the party) or reduce the stress of a hero (while increasing his own). He is also quite fast, allowing him, in most cases, to move before the enemies.
  2. Hellion – she can deal Bleed damage and attack all ranks and is capable of healing herself and reducing her stress. The ability to attack all ranks is useful when dealing with the bosses, as well as the mini-boss Crocodilian.
  3. Jester – he can increase the speed, critical chance and accuracy of your team, allowing them to strike quicker than the enemies and hit them more often. He can inflict Bleed status to ranks 2 and 3 and can reduce the stress of your party. Additionally, since the Jester is one of the quickest characters in the game, he will be able to act before your enemies.
  4. Hound Master – all of the enemies are vulnerable to Bleed and this hero can inflict the status effect to all ranks at the same time. He can effectively decrease the stress of the entire party, protect one of the more vulnerable heroes and act from almost any position.
  5. Vestal – the best healer class for this area. The enemies deal a lot of Bleed / Blight damage here, which the Vestal’s AoE heal can easily counter. She is best used from the 3rd or 4th position, from where she can use her support skills and stun enemies.
  6. Crusader – one of the two “tanks” that can be used in this area. Capable of dealing large damage and healing himself and/or reducing stress (or doing so to an ally). Better than a Lepper because the latter lacks the accuracy – several enemies in the Courtyard have a high DODGE stat and the Lepper won’t be able to hit them. This is the offensive choice of the tank for this area.
  7. Man-at-Arms – a support/tank choice. He can be played in the first rank to serve as a tank-debuff character, capable of shielding one of his allies and decreasing the stats of the enemies. He can also be used in the 4th rank, where he will be increasing accuracy and crit chance / dodge and speed of your entire party and protecting one of the heroes from damage. This is the defensive choice of the tank.

Heroes that you shouldn’t use here are:

  1. Occultist - there are no Eldritch enemies here and his heal can cause Bleed which is quite often applied to your heroes even without that. He is, however, extremely effective against the mini-boss Crocodilian – his Weakening Curse can severely decrease the damage of the enemy.
  2. Plague Doctor – enemies have high resistances to Blight, which makes this character completely useless.
  3. Arbalest – enemies die quickly here and the bosses move several times during a single turn, making this character, who relies heavily on the marking strategy, quite useless.
  4. Lepper – enemies are fast and have high DODGE attribute. Unless you can severely increase the accuracy stat of the Lepper, you shouldn’t use him here.
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