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Darkest Dungeon Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Darkest Dungeon Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Darkest Dungeon: Weald Darkest Dungeon Guide

Last update: 20 April 2023

Weald is the second location unlocked for the player. In contrast to the other locations in the game, there are no single-type enemies here (like Unholy for Ruins, or Eldritch for Cove), meaning that character classes won't have any advantage here. Bleeding is extremely effective here, thanks to low resistances for that effect, whereas blight is practically ineffective. As far as the bosses go, you will be fighting two of them here: the Hag and the Brigand Pounder.

The most important resistance here is the Disease resistance, as a lot of enemies here have a chance to cause it.

Team selection

When venturing to the Weald, you should choose:

  • Hellion - her powerful attacks directed to the backline of the enemy team, the ability to cause bleeding, and the possibility to stun the first two ranks of the enemy are the main virtues of this hero.
  • Plague Doctor - although the enemies are highly immune to blight, you might get lucky and still be able to inflict that effect on your foes. However, the biggest merit of having a Blight Doctor in the Weald is the Battlefield Medicine, capable of removing a lot of negative effects caused by the attacks of enemies here.
  • Hound Master - finally a place in which the Hound Master shines the brightest. Enemies have a small resistance to bleeding, and this hero is capable of causing it to the whole enemy team at once. Additionally, he has access to a powerful marking enemy (Whistle), which decreases the protection of the target as well. Hound Master is extremely effective with an Arbalest in the team.
  • Occultist - useful thanks to the healing and the ability to weaken (decrease damage) of the biggest threat in the Weald, which is the Unclean Giant, who is able to deal immense amounts of damage. Use his Weakening Curse to decrease the damage of the giant by 1/3 with each cast.
  • Arbalest - together with the marking ability of the Hound Master, the Arbalest will be able to massacre enemies with a single strike. Additionally, she is extremely effective against enemies standing at rank 3 and 4, which are dealing the highest amount of damage, while their defenses are relatively weak. Remember about her Rallying Flare ability - you can remove enemy marks with it.
  • Jester - his songs will allow you to increase the effectiveness of your team, as well as decrease the stress of your heroes, and his bleeding attacks on 2nd and 3rd rank are extremely useful here.
  • Crusader / Leper - they are extremely effective when dealing with the Ectoplasm, as they are able to take out two enemies with a single strike.



Short mission

Medium mission

Long mission









Skeleton Keys








Holy Water












Medicinal Herbs




The most important provision here is the shovel, thanks to a lot of obstacles that you will stumble upon here, as well as antivenoms and bandages, to neutralize the effects of blight / bleeding.

Enemies you should watch out for

There's a number of enemies you should watch out for while in the Weald, such as:

  • Crone - the witch is mainly here to mark your heroes for her companion, the Unclean Giant, but she can be a pain on her own as well. Her attacks, aside from marking her targets, decrease the accuracy and dodge rate of your heroes, and the rest of her abilities deal stress damage. You must quickly take her out, but do not, under no circumstances, pull her to either 1st or 2nd rank - there she will be able to use a powerful attack, dealing relatively small damage but a lot of stress damage, as well as having a high chance to cause blight.
  • Fungal Artillery - an enemy that deals almost non-existent amount of damage, but he will mark your heroes, which the Fungal Scratcher surely will take advantage of.
  • Fungal Scratcher - he is able to deal immense amounts of damage to the marked targets. To prevent that from happening, you should take out the mark (with the Arbalest' Rallying Flare), or you should simply stun the enemy when your characters are marked and get rid of him.
  • Ectoplasm - there are two reasons why you should take this enemy as quickly as possible. The first one being the Cytokinesis ability, which causes another Ectoplasm to appear on the battlefield. Another one is the Ecoplasmic Profusion, which merges two Ectoplasms into a single, bigger one, which has a lot more health, dodge and protection and is generally hard to kill. A Crusader and / or Leper is extremely effective against this monster.
  • Unclean Giant - first things first, you should eliminate the Crone, so she won't be able to mark the targets for the giant. If that fails, you can resort to stunning the giant, or protecting the marked target (with, for instance, Protect ability of the Man-at-Arms). All three enemy attacks are dangerous - one of them causes blight for your whole party, the other one shifts their position, and the last one deals immense damage (often taking more than 30 points) to a single target.

Enemies that you can stumble upon in any location, and who should be eliminated, or simply taken care of as soon as possible:

  • Cultist Acolyte - an enemy which is very similar to the Bone Courtier from the Ruins. He deals relatively small amount of damage, but is able to inflict a lot of stress to a hero, and is extremely fast. He should be taken care of, either by eliminating him or pulling him to the first rank as soon as possible.
  • Brigand Fusilier - an enemy characterized by a lot of speed and the ability to attack your whole team if he is standing on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th position. If there are no enemies dealing stress damage on the battlefield, you should take him out as quickly as possible.
  • Madman - without a doubt the number one enemy you should watch out for. He has a minimal amount of health points, but he makes up for it with his dodge value, speed and the two attacks that he can perform from any position. Both of those increase the stress of your heroes, and the Doomsay allows him to attack your whole team at the same time. Madman should be taken care of as quickly as possible.
  • Ghoul - similar to the previously described enemy, he is capable of dealing stress damage to the whole team, stunning or disease a character. He has a lot of protection, which makes stunning and inflicting bleeding and/or blight the best method to take him out. Additionally, you can use the mark of the Hound Master to decrease his protection, which makes him more vulnerable to your attacks.
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