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Darkest Dungeon Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Darkest Dungeon Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Darkest Dungeon: How to beat Hag? Darkest Dungeon Guide

Last update: 20 April 2023

Hag is the third, and for now the last, boss in the Darkest Dungeon which dwells in the Werald. It looks like an old and fat witch uses a massive kettle. This kettle is a part of one of a highly irritating mechanics and by the game it is also considered as an enemy. It works in a simple way. Every turn a random party member of yours is brought into the kettle where some damage is being dealt to him each turn. There are two ways of bringing the hero back to the battlefield. The first is attacking the kettle to decrease its HPs to zero. Then, the kettle will revive. The latter is to wait until the hero's life is decreased to 0. Then he is automatically brought back with a Death's Door inflicted upon him. In both cases the hero will come back to the front. It is also worth mentioning that the Hag's first attack will bring the hero to the kettle if it is empty (Into the Stew). Another thing: When there is a hero in the kettle, the Hag will attack twice each turn which ends up with a great damage being dealt to the party.

Recommended formation: Vestal/Occultist, Occultist/Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter, Hellion



Into the Pot

Deals a bit of damage and puts a hero into the kettle where from now on he will be given damage every turn up to the point when his life decreases to zero. After that he/she is being brought back to the front.

Taste the Stew

Deals low damage to the whole party and increases their stress levels.

Season to Perfection

Deals fair amount of damage to one target with a chance of Debuffing him/her (-25% DMG and - 10 ACC).

The very first thing to take care of is to assure that all of your heroes are able to attack the third and/or fourth position. Don't take a Crusader or a Leper as their attacks focuses the first two positions. Instead take a Vestal or an Occultists which will be able not only to attack the Hag, but also they will be able to heal your party. A Hellion and a Bounty Hunter work great along with the mark inflicted by an Occultist. Ignore the kettle and focus on the main boss instead. When a hero is brought back, heal him or her as fast as you can and go back to attacking the Hag. In most cases it will be fighting on the brink of the death but with a bit of luck it can be done on the first attempt.

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