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Diablo 4 Guide

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Diablo 4: List of all bosses Diablo 4 guide

This Diablo 4 guide page contains a listing of all the game's bosses. We have prepared a list of bosses from the main storyline and world bosses - huge creatures that you fight in co-op with other characters.

Last update: 22 March 2023

On this page of the Diablo 4 guide, you will find a list of all bosses. Separate lists concern bosses from the story and world bosses, which are fought in specific places on the map, in cooperation with other players.

All main storyline bosses

  1. X’fal, the Scarred Baron - this is the first boss you will encounter in the game. Watch out for his servants.
  2. Vhenard - you can eliminate the protective armor surrounding her by killing the boss's servants.
  3. Tchort, Herald of Lilith - in the case of this boss, it's a good idea to dodge often.
  4. Lilith’s Lament - this opponent spreads puddles of poison in the arena, which are the most dangerous.
  5. Airidah, Keeper of the Dead - this boss's main attack is thunder, indicated by a blue circle.
  6. Astaroth - in the case of this opponent, the most dangerous are fire breaths and fireballs.
  7. Genbar, the Shrine Keeper - one of the bosses, accompanied by servants. In addition, in the second phase of the fight, another boss, Mahmon, appears.
  8. Eidolon of Orbei - a boss that can teleport around the arena and create walls of bones that are easy to get stuck in.
  9. Mother's Judgment - this opponent has many different attacks.Try to stun her and use this moment to deal as much damage as possible.
  10. Brol, the Tyrant King - a strong but slow opponent that you can defeat with fast attacks, preferably with ranged weapons.
  11. Elias - this boss summons a monster called Champion of Lilith during the fight.
  12. Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish - the servants of this boss can put your character in shackles, thanks to which the enemy will deal you a lot of damage.
  13. Valtha, Witch of the Wastes - a witch whose spells are based mainly on the fire element. She's slow, so try to attack her between her casting spells.
  14. Mohlon, Snake Queen - in addition to her serpents, watch out for tail swipes and poison attacks.
  15. Uznu, the Annihilator - this big boss has a giant sword, so it's easiest to defeat him with dodges and quick attacks.
  16. Duriel, Lord of Pain - this boss can dig holes and appear in a completely different place in the arena. In addition, he uses poisonous attacks.
  17. Ninsa, Blight of Hatred - the opponent uses mainly fire attacks. She is also surrounded by many minions.
  18. Karum, the Hound of Hatred - a powerful enemy that attacks especially dangerous fireballs.
  19. Butcher - one of the most famous bosses in the entire series. On this page, you will find a walkthrough for defeating him in the latest game.

All World Bosses

  1. Ashava the Pestilent - this is the first boss you can encounter in the game.
  2. Wandering Death - its most dangerous attack is the beams shooting from both hands.
  3. Avarice The Gold Cursed - the most characteristic attack of this opponent is rotating a large chest around its own axis.
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