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The file Grim Quest v.1.46a is a modification for Grim Dawn, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

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Grim Quest is a mod for Grim Dawn, created by asylum101.

Descrioption (in authorís own words):

What is this mod? This is a conversion mod, bringing all the Titan Quest: Immortal Throne masteries to Grim Dawn! What can I expect from this mod? Bare minimum, TQ masteries and their skills. I've done my best to make these masteries look exactly as they did in TQ, and by bringing over sounds, effects and the UI I've been able to replicate them almost perfectly. However there are a few changes, such as animations and models that could not be imported at this time. If it is possible in the future I will do it, but for now... you'll have to settle for the placeholders. Items and affixes will be released down the road, but for now it's just the masteries. These masteries will be sliiiightly altered, due to enemies and the current masteries having much higher base stats, damage, health, etc. I will be releasing two versions of this mod, the first will be the "classic" edition with little to no changes to each of the skills, to try and keep them as close to the originals as I can.

To install simply copy the Grim Quest folder and drop it right into your grim dawnmods directory. It should work as is, assuming nothing went wrong, no more batch files!!

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