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The file Thieving Bastard's Small Sturdy and Efficient Nations v.1.2 is a modification for Europa Universalis IV, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

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Thieving Bastard's Small Sturdy and Efficient Nations is a mod for Europa Universalis IV, created by Thieving Bastard.


Thieving Bastard's Small Sturdy and Efficient Nations modifies the smaller nations to be more sturdy and efficient, as it is easier to micromanage them and there is reason countries like Luxenburg, Andorra, Vatican and Estonia are free and haven't been annexed by larger countries.


- Gives efficiency bonuses for small nations on Trade, Tax and Warfare, as it is easier to control and micromanage smaller nation.

- Nations with more counties are still more powerful, but with less gap.

- If it conflicts with something, you have accidentally got two similarly named files, which is extremely improbable.

- So it really shouldn't conflict with anything.

- If you disagree with the modifiers, you can easily change them yourself in the files. They are quite self-explanatory.

- If you find something naughty on the mod or have some forlorn hopes, post 'em to Mod DB website.

- This is FBF-Mod (Freedom By Fist), meaning you can use, incorporate, distribute, rip, abuse, hack with axe or ejaculate with it how ever you prefer.

- However when using, adding some glory into the fields of texts would be preferred, if not, Go Fornicate Thyself.

- Also if thou maketh some geld with it, I shalt have mein tithe or thou shalt Go Fornicate Thee.

To install:

Just extract the files in the archive to your mod folder, which is something like: "C:\Games\Europa Universalis IV\mod".

Report problems with download to

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