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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Sectorial Lockpicking v.1 - Game mod - Download

The file Sectorial Lockpicking v.1 is a modification for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size707.9 KB


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last updateSunday, February 18, 2018

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Sectorial Lockpicking is a mod for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, created by Tyddy.

Description (in author’s own words):

Making lockpicking easier without breaking game mechanics.

Lockpicking system in KKD is one of the things you wouldn't like from the first time. The game use the system similar to Bethesda's LP (since Fallout 3) but make it much more harder because of empty LP-wheel.

I've decided to make it a bit more easier - so, meet my first KKD mod - Sectorial Lockpicking (next - SLP).

In SLP lockpicking wheel have been divided to sectors - now you can see where you need to hold little yellow circle.

There are 2 (two versions) of mod with different textures - just sectoral wheel and sectoral wheel with red occultic letters to help you much more.


Both versions of the mod are included in this archive. Pick the correct one and extract it’s contents into: „…Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Data”.

  • Last update: Sunday, February 18, 2018
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 707.9 KB
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