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Kingdom Come: Deliverance news and interesting facts

Andrzej Sapkowski and CDP RED - Inspirations of Kingdom Come Devs

Aquma, 25 August 2019, 11:44

During gamescom 2019 our editor had the opportunity to talk to Tobias Stolz-Zwilling from Warhorse Studios. One of the topis that appeared in the discussion were the developers' inspirations during their work on Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It turns out that the artists looked at, among others, the works of Andrzej Sapkowski.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance to Get Official Modding Support

Yossarian, 24 August 2019, 13:15

Once of the subjects of our gamescom interview with Tobias Stolz-Zwilling of Warhorse Studios was the availability of modding for Kingdom Come. The developers are working on a set of tools that should give more power to modders, including the ability to create quests.

Kingdom Come 2 Most Likely to be Powered by CryEngine

Aquma, 23 August 2019, 16:47

Our editor conducted an extensive interview with Tobias Stolz-Zwilling from Warhorse Studios. One of the topics of the interview was the CryEngine technology, which was used in the development of the RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is more than likely that the sequel will also be powered by this technology.

Australia Bans Kingdom Come Deliverance For Sexual Violence [Updated]

Entelarmer, 22 August 2019, 00:04

More titles were added to the list of games banned in Australia. This time Kingdom Come: Deliverance got hit for its presentation of sexual violence. In addition, the sale of We Happy Few has been banned again.

Secret Camera Location in Kingdom Come Spooky Easter-egg

Maciej Pawlikowski, 24 June 2019, 15:03

Recently, Kingdom Come got its last, fourth planned DLC, entitled A Woman's Lot. Today, fans have discovered one of the best easter eggs in the game.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Gets a Complete Edition

Vergil, 29 March 2019, 00:22

Within a year after its release, Kingdom Come: Deliverance received a number of story expansion. A complete package, containing all of the DLCs, will soon be available in stores as Royal Edition.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Sold 2 Million Copies

Adrian Werner, 14 February 2019, 16:59

Warhorse Studio summarized the first year of Kingdom Come: Deliverance on the market, discussing both the sales of the core version of the game and the DLCs.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Devs Bought by THQ Nordic

Aquma, 13 February 2019, 10:33

The Czech developer team at Warhorse Studios has been bought by the publisher THQ Nordic. The deal also included the developer's IP rights i.e. the Kingdom Come: Deliverance franchise.

Update and DLC Launch for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

AlexB, 06 February 2019, 13:52

The Band of Bastards DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance has launched. The new expansion focuses mostly on combat.

Band of Bastards: third DLC for Kingdom Come slated for February

Aquma, 23 January 2019, 10:00

Warhorse Studios has announced Band of Bastards, the third story DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, focusing on a mercenary band.

Warhorse Studios teases Kingdom Come Deliverance 2

Losiu, 20 January 2019, 13:32

Co-founder of Warhorse Studios published a photo on his twitter account, which suggests that the second part of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is in the works. The action would be set in 1506.

The hottest releases of 2018 - summary by GamePressure

Adrian Werner, 24 December 2018, 14:39

We invite you to read our brief summary of video games industry concerning this year. In the first news series we discuss the most popular premieres of 2018.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance to launch on February 13, 2018

luckie, 09 June 2017, 11:43

Guys at Warhorse Studios are ready to announce the release date for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Along with it comes an epic new trailer.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance to get a sequel; first game will not be divided into episodes

luckie, 02 December 2016, 15:34

When Kingdom Come: Deliverance is finally out, and it won't be divided into three, separately released acts, but as a whole. This medieval sandbox will also get a sequel featuring a brand new story.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance pushed back to 2017

luckie, 24 May 2016, 10:16

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will not be out this year after all. The realistic Medieval RPG from Warhorse has been postponed to 2017.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC may be pushed back to late 2016

luckie, 01 March 2016, 14:03

The summer release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC is endangered. The game's publisher wants to launch the game simultaneously on PC and consoles, however, PS4 and XONE versions will need some extra time.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance updated with a crime system

luckie, 24 November 2015, 13:49

The latest update to Kingdom Come: Deliverance introduces crime system, AI improvements, dynamic soundtrack, survival elements and more. Warhorse is now warming up to release the games beta version.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance See a Sword Combat Presentation

luckie, 14 August 2015, 14:10

A new video from Kingdom Come: Deliverance appeared, in which the developers are discussing sword combat system.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Launch Delayed Until 2016

Pirlond, 03 April 2015, 12:36

It looks like were dealing with a plague of delays now its Kingdom Come: Deliverance that has joined the club of postponed productions. The creators of the game have announced unexpectedly that it will not launch until the next year.