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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Blood and Iron Overhaul v.2.2 - Game mod - Download

The file Blood and Iron Overhaul v.2.2 is a modification for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size28.6 MB


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last updateWednesday, September 11, 2019

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Blood and Iron Overhaul is a mod for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, created by AJStoner.

Description (in authorís own words):

This mod is my attempt to create a comprehensive game play overhaul for Kingdom Come Deliverance that maximizes depth and difficulty. It contains most of my previous mods as well as a great deal of new material in a single package. Blood and Iron is harsher than most other mods for KCD. It will make early game play much more difficult and keep it challenging throughout so it is recommended for those who have already completed a play-through and developed some skill with it.




*Weapons fully rebalanced to favor armored opponents?

*Stamina costs are increased

*Stamina regeneration is reduced

*Damage scaling from Strength and Agility significantly reduced

*Enemies are more aggressive, especially in groups

*Window for perfect block narrowed significantly

*Riposte is more common with perfect block if you have been trained in it

*Enemy armor and stamina values are increased

*Enemies perform perfect block and riposte more often


*Random encounters are more frequent (Buffed in 1.2)

*Cool-down times between encounters eliminated


*Halbard skill is unlocked

*Progression rate for all skills reduced markedly

*No exclusive perks; combine contradicting perks to create new ones

*Trainers don't require skill level minimums but become very expensive at higher levels


*Polearms can be purchased from all blacksmiths

*Polearms can be stored in the player's invantory

*Polearms are much more common than in the vanilla game


*Durability for armor increased

*Light Armor types corrected

*Repair kits are much longer-lasting with the trade-off of being heavy and expensive

NEW! *Blade Master Sword Rebalance (see description in the Notes section below for details)


NEW! *2 Horse Armor types: Mail and Leather

*Horse Armor available from armor merchant in Sassau

*New Skalitz waffenrock

*New Skalitz horse caparison

(A stand-alone version of these horse armors can be found HERE?)


*Merchants have twice the available funds

*Merchants sell goods at higher prices

*Merchants buy goods at much lower prices

*Merchants charge more to repair your gear

*Fences pay less for stolen goods

*Item condition now affects resale value


*Food takes twice as long to spoil

*Food is more filling

*Cooking pots are effectively disabled

*Meat from game animals drastically reduced

*Digestion speed is increased


*Stay clean longer after washing or visiting a bath house

*Greater movement restrictions in heavy armor

*Sneaking is harder in heavier armor

*NPC's field of vision is now more realistic

*Fatigue rate is increased

*Serious injuries (limb damage, etc) take MUCH longer to heal on their own

*Strength has greater effect on carry weight

NEW! *Money has weight (100 Groshen = 1 lb)

INTERFACE (Optional):

*Subdued target reticule

*Target reticule visible during archery

*Transparent compass easily visible during the day or night

*Minimized Health/Stamina bar

*Hide/Show HUD using the 8 and 9 keys

*No fog of war on main map

*No visor overlay in combat

*No arrow trails

*No sharpen vision effect when drunk

*No motion blur (can be restored in user.cfg if you want it)

*No windshield blood splatter on screen

*Added toggle in user.cfg to Enable Fog in game

*Added toggle in user.cfg to turn off Slow Motion effect during perfect block

*Works fine with any inventory retexture mods you might like

(A stand-alone version of this interface can be found HERE?)

HARDCORE (Optional):

For masochists only

*Get hungry quicker

*Get tired quicker

*Money weight increased by 50%

*More enemies per encounter

*Player carry weight decreased

*Player maximum damage lowered

*Player damage scaling completely disabled

*Player position not shown on map

*Player stat progression slowed further


*If you do not already ahve one, create a new folder in your KCD game folder called "Mods"

*Place the folder named "zzz_Blood and Iron Overhaul_WI_1.3" inside in your Mods folder

*You will also find a user.cfg file. Place the user.cfg file in the main game folder

  • Last update: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 28.6 MB
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