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Tekken 7 - Honmaru - Mishima Dojo Replacement v.1.01 - Game mod - Download

The file Honmaru - Mishima Dojo Replacement v.1.01 is a modification for Tekken 7, a(n) fighting game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size45.7 MB


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last updateMonday, September 3, 2018

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Honmaru - Mishima Dojo Replacement is a mod for Tekken 7, created by Koenji.


The Dojo has been given a brush of crimson to the faint memory of what it once was before.

Honmaru is a stage mod that replaces Mishima Dojo. You fight briefly on this stage for story mode now the stage has been made fully playable offline and online. The stage also comes with a Arranged version of "Im Here Now (Tekken 7 Remix)" for the first round and final round remixes. The arranged was done on Goldwave and then converted back to a format that is accepted by the game.


Additional there are some additional files that are optional that freezes the UI Video so it forces the stage image (Recommended) and another file that has the first round arrangement and final round arrangement of Im Here Now. The installation documentation for both of these files are included within their respected download folders.


Manual users: To install this mod, follow this video guide.


If the mod is not showing, check to make sure that there are no other Mishima Dojo replacements within your Mods folder, and be sure to follow the video installation step by step.

Q1: Does this mod still load properly if i have a fast load mod installed?

A: A fast load mod will not tamper with the loading of this stage, so it should load as normal whether you have a fast load or not.

Q2a: Do both players need to have the mod so i can play online?

A: No! This mod only affects your end of the game so you'll see the stage changes.

Q2b: So it won't cause any desync?

A: No, because Mishima Dojo and Honmaru share the same stage geometry so no Desync will happen.

Q3: The stage music is not playing!

A: If you have the Jukebox tool, the jukebox tool might be replacing the stage music. Be sure to create your Jukebox file with the music for this stage set to default to ensure that the stage music will play.


  • Last update: Monday, September 3, 2018
  • Genre: Fighting
  • File size: 45.7 MB

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