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Mount & Blade: Warband - Roan Khergits v.beta 1 - Game mod - Download

The file Roan Khergits v.beta 1 is a modification for Mount & Blade: Warband, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size73.5 MB

last updateMonday, November 4, 2019


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Roan Khergits is a mod for Mount & Blade: Warband, created by Dreamy Folk.


Roan Khergits is an experimental project that focuses on horse archery and again...massacring Calradia. But here is the twist - you have entire horde of Roan Khergits that you are supposed to ride with.

Khergit Khanate has fallen and retreated to their only town left standing, Sanjar is about to lose everything...until blows sounded in East - welcoming distant relatives and ancestors of khanate. Roan Khergits arrived to Calradia with thousands of devastating horse archers, ready to fight for their Khergit brothers.

Save Khergits, avenge them by massacring Calradia. Follow the horde as they start conquering calradia!



Unique companions

Unique troops

Control a horde of devastative khergit archers

* Key 1 - attack closest enemy center.

* Key 2 - patrol closest ally center.

New faction - Roan Khergits

* Arrived to calradia to save khergits

* Custom AI, they will besiege towns and castles - player must aid roan khergits.

* Roan khergits are faster than any party in world map.

New troops with custom AI

* Roan Horse Archers. Extremely effective horse archers who will shoot down whatever comes their path.

* Roan Lancer. Melee horsemen. Heavily armored.

* Roan Slasher. Dual-wielding sabreman who will cut through anything in their way.

* Roan netters, they will net any enemy and continue to shoot arrows as they will drag an enemy down to his death.

* Roan ropers, their arrows will pull any enemy to themselves.

* Shaman, will walk and stay back - healing all roans in battle every 2 minute.

* Drummer, they will play drums and stay back.

* Banner-carrier, they will carry banner.

You will lose if chieftain kepek is lost in world map or khergit khanate eliminated.

Mongolian tactics

* Volley

New battle system

* More enemies might appear than you originally fought for - kill them all!

Camping improved

* Have a beautiful camp, where you can just relax with your horse.


* Shaman parties will heal you and your party in world map.

New report

* Domination, world map.


* Duel with a slasher to earn honor. Although it is pretty hard.

Dual-wielding sabres.

Village raids

* Raid villages to claim them. No longer they will be taken automatically when a town is taken.

Horse archery remastered.

* Horse whistle

* Horse sprint

* Horse trample

New death and hit-effect animations.

New animations

* Giving order

* Blowing horn

* Being dragged off horse

Better sounds.

Faction parties.

Save khergit khanate and invade calradia to win the game.

Barbaric warcries.

Battle horns.

* Use your horn to give your brothers the morale they need and call for reinforcements!

Sieges don't have walls anymore and horses are allowed.

No recruitment. Player will have to win the game with Roan Khergits. Reinforcements will arrive every few days.

Amazing mongolian music.

Ride forth with your Khergit brothers to experience a full horse archery!

Animated main menu.

Ratio bar.

New artwork.

Kill enemies to earn honor. Use honor to order horde.

Experience an immersive battlefield with warcrying barbarians and completely reactive AI!

To install:

Extract into „…MountBlade Warband\Modules” and activate in launcher.

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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