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Mount & Blade: Warband - Rise of the Undead v.0.3 Alpha - Game mod - Download

The file Rise of the Undead v.0.3 Alpha is a modification for Mount & Blade: Warband, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size863.6 MB

last updateSunday, September 20, 2020


downloads (7 days)29

Free download

Rise of the Undead is a mod for Mount & Blade: Warband, created by thewanderingknight.


"Primordial is the Serpent

From the beginning of Time

Unmatched is the Wisdom

Of the Serpent Shrine"


- Ordo Serpens (Undead and Player faction)

- Kingdom of Ahaecia

- Kingdom of Onemor

- Kingdom of Uzaviel

- Kingdom of Vekya

- Golden Empire

Main Features:

- Got bored of being the hero? In this story you're the villain ;)

- Play as Nehebkau the Necromancer or one of his Dark Lords and lead a terrifying Undead army

- Conquer the world of Amalthea and corrupt the mind of the five human kingdoms to follow your will

- Immersive overall dark ambient and battles

- Three different troop trees (towns, castles, villages)

- Hispania 1200 used as base that guarantees overall very high quality


- Extract to your Mount&Blade Warband/Modules folder

- Choose Rise of the Undead v0.3 alpha on the launcher mods list

- Play and have fun


Hispania 1200 (and everyone who helped and contributed to it), The Last Days, Elven Path, Phantasy Calradia, Demons, Custom Commander, Brytenwalda, Delzaros, Barf, Spak, Brujoloco, bogmir, dimastrick, Jojjo, Andragorn, Gizmodian, throttlekitty, TheElPadrino, Mikeboix, Michadr

Music by Adrian von Ziegler

Pictures: wyldraven, dekade, tatarskiskandal, mischeviouslittleelf, helmuttt, markmolnar, yayashin

Background Story:

Amalthea also known as Tierra Hermosa was once the land of six kingdoms, one of them in the north was the biggest and the most respectable, when there was a dispute it was always the one that would serve as intermediary. However when the King died, his son become the new King and although an honorable man, he was also ambitious, he wanted to do more than just be an intermediary to other Kingdoms. This ambition leaded to war and with his superior army and resources conquests come soon. The taste of power just made the ambition grows stronger and the conquests become bloodier, the new King would stop at nothing until all Amalthea had been submitted to his will. Eventually the union of all other Kingdoms turned the tides of the war and the new King was defeated. Because of the great respect everyone had for his father and for what his Kingdom once was, he was allowed to keep a small part of his Kingdom but he could never leave it or raise an army. From the outcome raised a big Empire in the south known as the Golden Empire, the other Kingdoms also grew in size. As the time passed everyone stopped concerning about the defeated Tyrant and his now pity Kingdom and stopped thinking about him.

But in the defeated Warlord soul the anger just kept growing and a certain day someone come to his Kingdom, his name was unknown, all is known is that he brought a book, some say it was the Necronomicon itself, the Book of the Dead. He become fascinated by that book and read and learned everything he could from the start to the end. He seek and unleashed ancient knowledge long time forgotten, he learned necromancy, summoning and it's said he changed, he was almost no human anymore his power grew so strong, it's said he could even control the mind of the weak. However it wasn't enough for him, he wanted more and it's said he offered his soul to the Primordial Serpent in turn for unlimited power. He challenged Death and his body wasn't flesh anymore, he was not alive nor dead, he was now a powerful spectre in a world between Life and Death and with this immense power he created the Gate of Sorrow, which it's said is a portal to other worlds, an open door to creatures that shouldn't exist. It's said this magical structure was built near a strange black stone quarry in a secret location. Fragments of this stone have been spreading through the Dark Kingdom and have already replaced its currency. Merchant caravans have also started spreading these fragments across Amalthea. There is glowing dark blue veins in the black fragments that look to have some kind of magical composition and it's said to corrupt the mind of the wielder. His necromant power was so enormous that he was able to build a terrifying Undead legion. His ultimate act was the summoning of the souls of once great Kings which were now his servants and generals. He is now known as Nehebkau, his vassals the Dark Lords, their god the Primordial Serpent, his kingdom the Ordo Serpens and in his mind the Tierra Hermosa is already the Tierra Oscura.

In meanwhile the Kingdoms of Amalthea were in constant wars among themselves by land disputes unaware of the danger and the Golden Empire emperor ambitions were growing and the desire of an unified Amalthea under the Empire banner and his religion was stronger than ever and a new great war is coming. What they don't know is that in the north a new power is rising...

  • Last update: Sunday, September 20, 2020
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 863.6 MB

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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