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Napoleon: Total War - Field Command: Napoleon v.5.0 - Game mod - Download

The file Field Command: Napoleon v.5.0 is a modification for Napoleon: Total War, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size2886.5 MB


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last updateMonday, January 9, 2023

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

Field Command: Napoleon is a mod for Napoleon: Total War, created by  FCN Team. Be sure to also check out the mod’s Discord.


Field Command: Napoleon (FCN) is a MULTIPLAYER mod delivering realistic, visually stunning, historically accurate 1:1 divisional-scale battles. JOIN HUNDREDS OF FCN PLAYERS via Discord battling on the best multiplayer maps in the franchise (by Lordz) and put your game plan to the test in 50,000-man 4v4 engagements where generalship matters more than ever before


  1. 30 unit armies! Tired of fielding a measly 20 units? Fret not, Field Command allows players to field 30 units in online battles, taking 4v4s up to 50,000 men!
  2. 150+ custom multiplayer battle maps with LOC by the LMC team, including 50+ legacy maps
  3. 100+ new units: based on verified historical source material, including Osprey Publishing
  4. 1:1 divisional scale warfare: the only multiplayer mod for NTW to offer HUGE infantry battalions. Every player has the opportunity to field over 5,000 men - the equivalent of an entire division!
  5. Brand new factions, including the United States, The Canadas and Confederation of the Rhine
  6. Sound FX overhaul: brand new, high bitrate sound fx for a fully immersive experience
  7. Visual FX overhaul: the best NTW visuals on the market, credit to our partner TheColdFront (creator of the “ACW: The American Civil War” mod)
  8. Unit symbology and UI overhaul improving player quality of life
  9. Complete unit card overhaul featuring gorgeous artwork
  10. Smoke & blood overhaul: fill the battlefield with the din of black powder and visceral gore and guts
  11. Realistic projectile overhaul: windage, deviance, velocity and bounce - i.e. real physics!
  12. Historically accurate 2-rank fire mechanic: watch as your men smother the enemy in lead!
  13. Fog of war: tread with caution
  14. Ultra-HD battle flags, brand new and reworked from the ground up using Photoshop
  15. Dynamic morale tweaks, punishing fatigue mechanics, risky bayonet charges and meaningful battle terrain
  16. Complete unit type overhaul: each unit type fulfils its own niche and excels when used correctly
  17. New music incorporated from the Armchair Historian's brilliant game "Fire & Maneuver"
  18. Complete faction rework, aimed to accurately depict each faction's unique military doctrine
  19. Macro beats micro. This mod is designed to reduce micro as much as possible and rewards generals who can outsmart opponents at a strategic level. Fundamentally micro is still rewarded, but is far less important compared to other NTW mods
  20. Meticulous multiplayer balancing, including a bespoke unit costing model based on actual data
  21. Epic, long-lasting line battles that reward deeper tactical decision making, such as rank depth, strategic reserves, battery positioning and battlefield scouting
  22. Real-life unit spacing: units stand shoulder to shoulder in file and 1 ft apart in ranks. Close order formation, as it truly was
  23. Reduced crash risk: NTW is possibly the least stable Total War game in the franchise. However, despite our enormous battles, we've reduced crashes to an absolute minimum without sacrificing any sound or graphical quality


  1. This is a great question because it gives us the opportunity to explain what we think Napoleon: Total War should be about. NTW3 has become perhaps the "iconic" mod for Napoleon: Total War, but we wanted a different experience that NTW3 doesn't aim to provide. Don't get us wrong, we appreciate what they've done - so much so that we use their maps - but here's what we'd say are the defining characteristics of Field Command that make the mod stand out as its own experience entirely:
  2. Bigger Battles. We're not just talking about scaling units up to more than 200 men. Players can field 30-unit armies each. That means a 4v4 has the potential for 120 units per side, totaling up to 240-unit games featuring more than 50,000 men. Have you ever wanted to fight a lag-free battle with near 1:1 scale? You just might have the chance to with Field Command.
  3. Generalship is more important than unit stats. Though some soldiers received "better" equipment and had more experience, like the famous Old Guard and other noteworthy formations, the simple fact is these men were all mortal, and bullets do not care about the reputation of their target. More to the point, everyone in this period fought with roughly equivalent weaponry - a smoothbore, flintlock musket, and firing twice a minute in combat conditions was considered "good". In game terms, this means while some units have better statistics than others, everyone is relative to the limitations of human ability and technology. The result is a combat experience that places overwhelming importance on generalship and clever commanding rather than reliance on unit statistics.
  4. Accessibility. Some mods for Napoleon go into fine detail with musket models, ammunition types, hidden morale mechanics, and so on. We are not concerned with these subtle details - you are the general of a division. Your job is to seize the field and beat the enemy. You are not concerned with the model musket ~200 men in your 5,000-man division are using. All that matters is understanding the fighting capacity of your troops, where they need to be, and what needs to be done. The deliberate intent by the development team to set Field Command's "level of abstraction" to the point-of-view of a divisional scale means new players need not wade through intricate details, but simply hop into a game.
  5. Stability. As a result of the simplified nature of Field Command compared to others, stability is vastly improved. Veterans of the Napoleon: Total War multiplayer mod community will understand what we mean.
  6. It's about the experience. Field Command features beautiful detail in uniform design, reworked animations, and truly awesome FX for explosions, smoke, gore, and impacts courtesy of our mod partner, TheColdFront (of American Civil War mod fame). We built this mod totally around the player experience. It's about you, the gamer, having the best possible experience we can provide.
  7. Respect is paid to the brutality of war. Artillery ballistics have been reworked, resulting in horrific scenes of impact and canister. Blood and gore FX have also been added. You will notice the difference.


For the best results, uninstall overhaul mods like NTW3 and Darthmod, uninstall Napoleon and manually delete your Napoleon Total War folder in "\Steam\steamapps\common", then reinstall Napoleon. This is a true “clean install”


Delete all other mods including older versions of FCN

Downlad the mod and extract the archive Drag and drop all file contents (except "user.script.txt") to your Napoleon Total War folder (NOT YOUR NAPOLEON DATA FOLDER. SIMPLY THE NAPOLEON TOTAL WAR FOLDER). This can be found here C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Napoleon Total War. Please replace all files when prompted.

Next, drag and drop the user.script.txt in your NTWscript folder. This can be found at: "C:\Users[your username]\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Napoleon\scripts

You're all set. Hit play via Steam!

  • Last update: Monday, January 9, 2023
  • Genre: Strategy
  • File size: 2886.5 MB
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