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Best Sims 4 Mods 2019

FeatureApr 9, 2019 at 5:06a PSTby Wacha

Best Sims 4 Mods 2019

The Sims is one of the most phenomenal series of video games, especially if you consider that it's been around for nearly two decades. The latest installment, The Sims 4, is sure a fun game, but you can make it even better with our selection of mods!

The Sims series has attracted many players with the ability to play out the perfect life – character management allows amazing flexibility and the creation of any scenario. Although I, too, am convinced that a substantial number of fans derives pleasure from bullying the harmless Sims (remember the deletion of the sliming pool ladder – the offenders are still wanted). Whatever the motivation – the game may eventually become boring, and that's where the mods come in. You'll probably be happy to hear that The Sims boast a huge number of modifications.

The mods offer not only new homes or clothes, but also completely new and fun solutions, and innovative mechanics. The amount of time and effort the modders have put into their creations are quite impressive.

In this article, we present the best mods for The Sims 4 – from simple gameplay tweaks, through new buildings, to extensive overhauls with exciting new functionalities. Even the fans of fantasy and magical little things should find something of interest. However, if you think we missed some interesting mods, don't hesitate to mention it in the comments.


1. First, you need to enable support for mods in The Sims 4. To do this, start the game, go to the "game options", and then to the "other" section. Here, you have to check two boxes: "Enable Custom Content and Mods" and "Script Mods Allowed."

2. Then, you need to extract the downloaded mod and move it to My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods (extracted files will be in the format .package or .ts4script).

3. That's it. The mods should work the next time you play the game.


  1. MC Command Center – a multifunctional tool for managing the game
  2. Become a Sorcerer – magic tricks
  3. Go to School – school life
  4. Harry Potter Stuff Packs – five points to Gryffindor!
  5. Explore Mode – summer adventures
  6. Part Time Jobs – rather self-explanatory!
  7. Gene Mod – ask for global peace
  8. After School – extracurricular activities
  9. Ghost mirror mod – rotting bride
  10. Misc. – shaving beard, and new clothes
  11. Gameplay tweaks – no more spilling tap
  12. New locations – a private fortress

MC Command Center – a harvester for everything

The list opens with a feature-rich tool that allows you to easily tinker with any aspect of the game. MC Command Center unlocks a variety of commands that can be given through the sim computer, or available directly in the pop-up character menu. The garden-variety codes for additional cash or immediate satisfaction of the needs of the Sim are but a fraction of the features that this modification brings. It allows you to meddle with the relationships between all residents; you can also change the appearance and name of the character at any given moment, or to instantly alter their attitude.

In addition, and perhaps oddly enough, the MC Command Center gives control of Sims' pregnancy – you can speed up and slow down its progress, or choose the parents with an intuitive menu, without two characters even knowing each other. Some players will, of course, ask "Why do I even need this?" Well, the answer is simple. The Sims 4 (like any other game) is not a perfect production, and sometimes glitches interfere with your experience or even prevent further play. This tool simply gives you the power to easily revert any unwanted changes the game has made, either mistakenly or not. Of course, the MC Command Center can serve as a "cheater" mod – instant money transfer or enhancement of the characters' mood may tempt many fans of the game.

  1. Download the MC Command Center mod

Become a Sorcerer – Sim wizardry

Although in the case of the Sims, the claim that you can be whoever you want is taken for granted – the Become a Sorcerer mod pushes the statement even further and lends a hand to all of you interested in magic. Simply buy a small piece of clay in the construction menu and "examine" it – this will give us access to magic tricks. Interestingly, the tricks are assigned to the bad and good side of the force.

"The art of light" allows unlocking spells that comfort other Sims or alter the needs and attitude of our avatar. In addition, we can improve skills, extend life, or raise the dead, as well as determine the gender of our offspring. "The art of darkness" allows, on the contrary, to teach the Sims spells that negatively affect the environment in most cases. We can throw fireballs or lightning bolts, but the spells that imperceptibly affect other characters are much more interesting. Our Sim will be able to maintain a gloomy attitude of their neighbors, spread panic among them, or even suck out happiness, which is then converted into additional cash. Earning in The Sims 4 has never been so uncannily enjoyable.

  1. Download the Become a Sorcerer mod

Go to School – time for school

The official expansion for The Sims 4: Get to Work – allows watching the progress of the Sims' careers. Unfortunately, the basic version of the game offers no possibility to observe the sims engaged in school adventures. This problem is solved by the modification called Go to School, which allows you to watch younger Sims in school. The author introduced new types of parcels – primary and secondary schools. It should be noted that you have to construct these buildings yourself – this is the only way to participate in the classes since these buildings aren't featured on the map by default.

The time at school is similar to the time at work – our Sim gets a variety of tasks that allow them to get higher grades. Of course, there are more things in life than learning, so the mod also allows you to participate in school trips, and less diligent students can go truant (which sometimes leads to a ban on participation in school trips). In addition, the school also holds fancy-dress parties, and students have the opportunity to learn how to cook or carve in wood.

  1. Download the Go to School modification

Harry Potter Stuff Packs – Hogwarts according to the Sims

Let's go back for some more to magic – this time, we will be taken into the world of Harry Potter. Novelties are apparent from the very beginning – when creating a character, we can select their specific houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin). The construction menu, on the other hand, features a lot of new items – figures of creatures and animals, floating candles, Quidditch equipment, or various decorations, such as flags with the colors of the houses.

In addition, the mod introduces new icons when creating a club, and introduces names associated with the magical universe to the game. An interesting thing is the Sorting hat – an unusual headdress that can sort your character into one of the four houses. Once that happens, you will receive various bonuses that affect the abilities of the character. Unfortunately, the modification doesn't offer any spells or magic tricks, but if you combine it with the Become A Sorcerer mod described above, you can get a pretty comprehensive wizard set.

  1. Download the Harry Potter Mod Pack

Explore Mode – a trip to Disneyland

Your character certainly dreams of visiting Disneyland or Jurassic World – give him or her a break from constantly making their life miserable (with "accidental" fires or placing them in rooms without exits – surely, you know what I mean) and organize a trip of your dreams. The Explore Mode modification allows you to send the Sims to all sorts of different places. This is not only an exciting adventure but an opportunity to earn money or develop skills. A number of courses will allow you to learn how to take pictures or play guitar, and the casino will seduce many a player with the prospect of winning a mountain of Simoleons (or lose all of them – bear in mind the unpleasant consequences of gambling).

Unfortunately, watching the expedition is impossible – we can only decide what the Sim will do – try local delicacies or maybe train with a specialist in bodybuilding. Every decision causes some effect. Visiting new places often improves mood, but if during the trip the Sim suddenly finds that they suffer from motion sickness, they will not be happy with the adventure. All the features of the mod are readily available thanks to the simple mechanics – just click on the character and select one of the many options, divided into several categories (travel on vacation or participate in a course).

  1. Download the Explore Mode modification

Part Time Jobs – would you like French fries?

From seller to Manager – thanks to the Part Time Jobs modification, the Sims can make a dizzying career in McDonald's! The author of this mod introduced a few part-time jobs that take only two hours a day, but allow you to find life fulfillment in serving coffee or making sandwiches – and all this in the famous, real restaurants (if you fast foods can be considered that). Getting a promotion happens in the same way as in the case of a standard career – just use the phone or computer, and select the offer we’re interested in.

The modification was created primarily for teenager Sims since the working hours are chosen so as not to interfere with school activities. Adults can also stand behind the counter at Subway or make pizza at Pizza Hut, but they'd have to give up their full-time jobs – unfortunately, there is no way to hold two positions at the same time. Serving French fries, however, can be a good additional source of income for the Sims that are trying to make a living as painters or florists.

  1. Download the Part Time Jobs modification

Gene Mod – an evil genie

Peace in the world, unimaginable wealth, or total happiness – what are your wishes? The Genie Mod adds a lamp into the game (which you first need to buy), allowing to summon the Genie, who will fulfill the wishes of the Characters. The list of wishes is not very extensive, but the possibility of bring happiness to all the characters or stuffing the bank account with countless amounts of money is tempting. But if you find the genie (a she-genie, actually) to be very attractive for you, you can always ask it to become a regular Sim.

Sounds cool, right? The genie can be mean, though, as it's known to misunderstand our requests. And so, the desire for eternal happiness does admittedly make the Sim incredibly happy, but it will happen at the end of his life. Not only that, but the Genie also might make the Sim that old, leaving them only a few months’ worth of happiness. In turn, dreams of great wealth can lead to a completely empty bank account. Play at your own risk!

  1. Download the Gene Mod modification

After School – extracurricular activities

The Four Seasons expansion allows younger Sims to join the scouts, but what about playing in a football team, going to ballet school, or a cook’s club? The After School mod introduces into the game the above-mentioned (and a handful more) extracurricular activities. Just use the phone and sing for the first day of assembly. If the Sim goes to the meeting in the right mood, the will be "promoted," and we will see a few dozen different options to choose from – pool, club, chess, karate, and many other diverse activities.

However, extracurricular activities do not give the opportunity to earn money but allow the young Sim to quickly develop skills. Each activity results in gaining experience in the skills associated with the performed activity – the logic developed by playing chess will certainly be useful in life.

  1. Download the After School modification

Ghost Mirror Mod – Corpse Bride

Do the neighbors visit your home a bit too often, disturbing your priceless peace of mind? If you get the mysterious mirror and whisper "Bride Hannah," you'll be able to solve the problem immediately. The corpse bride summoned in this way is a creative method of getting rid of unwanted visitors – just remember to click on the mirror again and choose the option to protect your character; otherwise, the new guest will not spare a soul.

The woman in a bloodied wedding dress was probably abandoned in front of the altar because she vents her frustration on everyone within her reach. And no, it's not about a few vulgar slurs; it's about a total fury upgraded with a chain saw. The area is quickly covered with blood and dead bodies, and the Grim Reaper cannot keep up with the masonry of new tombstones. The bride, unnaturally bending to all sides, can be rather intimidating, and your sim will feel a little uncomfortable among the pile of corpses – well, that's the price of a peaceful house, it turns out.

  1. Download the Mod the Haunted Mirror modification

Miscellaneous – shaving the beard and getting new clothes

When there are no new clothes in the closet and the furniture is slowly becoming outdated, it's time to get interested in smaller mods offering additional content – another sofa, dress or a t-shirt is a great addition to the standard collection. A variety of smaller mechanics like shaving a beard or smoking e-cigarettes provides further diversity.

Lemingstone Garden – a modern Livingroom

Something for fans of modern solutions. The Lemingstone Garden mod presents several simple, yet aesthetic objects. Among the novelties, there even are figures of animals, taken directly from the garden.

  1. Download the Lemingstone Garden modification

Also worth mentioning is the Nikadema Giorno Bathroom mod, offering an exotic version of bathrooms and a classic lounge with the modification of the Living room Vegas.

Pet Cat Sweater – how to hurt your cat?

If torturing all the surrounding characters is not enough, turn against your cat and give it a stupid sweater. The local cat gang, of course, will not accept a pet like that into their ranks.

  1. Download the Pet Cat Sweater modification

Argentina World Cup Shirt – reminiscing the World Cup

The emotions caused by the FIFA World Cup are always huge, and the fans of the Argentine national team will be particularly pleased with this mod. Just wear the shirt, learn to play like Messi and get on the pitch.

  1. Download Argentina World Cup Shirt modification

And to the fair sex, we recommend beautiful ball gowns from the two mods, Eris Skirt, and Crinoline Vintage Dress.

Shaving Mod – instant rejuvenation

From a real tough guy to a baby-faced boy, that pretty much sums up the Shaving Mod. With this mod, you will be able to shave at the mirror, getting a silky-smooth face. Of course, the beard grows back in a few days, so the razor should be used regularly.

  1. Download the Shaving Mod modification

Functional E-Cig – vape nation strikes back

The Sims couldn't miss the vaping fad. The Functional E-Cig mod introduces the electronic cigarette into the game along with the vaping animation and different types of smoke – few hits and the sim immediately feel better.

Download the Functional E-Cig modification

The traditionalists can, in turn, try the Smoking Mod and get real ciggies. The author even took care of a small mechanic of addiction.

Attention! Smoking is harmful to your sims and characters near it.

No more dripping tap, or how to repair the gameplay

The developers of The Sims 4 introduced into the game a few strange solutions that, to some extent, can spoil the experience. Fortunately, the modders stood up to the task and properly took care of tying the loose knots left by the devs.

Stuff Breaks Far Less Easily – fewer repairs, more fun

Don't the sims' devices break a little too quickly? A broken TV (or, even worse – a computer), faulty oven, or dripping tap can get on your nerves. Self-repair is not always possible, and summoning the plumber so often can be hard on the budget. Fortunately, the mod developer reduced the wear of items and, moreover, prepared four versions of the modification – with a decrease in the frequency of damage to the equipment, to 0%, 5%, 15% or 30% (the default value is 67%). Remember to use only one version of the mod at a time.

  1. Download the Stuff Breaks Far Less Easily modification

Turbo Careers – a career for everyone

At first glance, this mod seems very simple – it activates all the careers of The Sims 4. But what does that actually mean? With installing this mod, each profession works on the same principle as those from the Get to Work DLC, i.e. we can track the actions of our sim in any profession. Nothing prevents you from independently managing a detective office or a booth with hot dogs – the author took care of the right types of parcels that allow you to create the selected workplace.

  1. Download the Turbo Careers modification

Social Media Career for Teens – for teenage influencers

Becoming the icon of social networks is the dream of many teenagers. Meanwhile, the developers of the game effectively nullified these fantasies. The Social Media Career for Teens mod removes this strange restriction so that teen Sims can finally try their luck in the online world.

  1. Download the Social Media Career for Teens modification

Time for Sightseeing

We shall conclude this list with three mods introducing new buildings. It may seem a trifle because filling up the parcels in The Sims 4 is already easy enough, but believe me – the authors have invested a lot of work into their projects, and furnished entirely new textures and models. Objects do not appear automatically in the game world, so you have to find a suitable parcel and build them yourself.

Windenburg University – get a degree

The modification introduces a huge (largest possible parcel size in The Sims 4, i.e. 64x64) student campus. In Windenburg University, you can visit the extensive library with computers, a cafι or a place for artists. In addition, the author prepared new outfits, hairstyles, and poses, as well as brought many items from the second installment in the series.

  1. Download the Windenburg University modification

Old Market Square – almost like the Grand Bazaar

The Old Market Square is something like a small shopping center – an elegant building is a home to a variety of shops. Visitors can spend time at the gift shop, in the library or in the handmade shop with furniture and decorations. And for those tired of shopping, there's also a cozy restaurant.

  1. Download the Old Market Square modification

Rumanov Castle – my house, my fortress

In the end, let's move on to the estate of Cornelius Rumanov. The castle had been handed over to the descendants of the brave knight, but now it was put up for sale. Thus, we can acquire the vast fortress – Rumanov Castle includes many well-furnished rooms located on several floors. In the rooms, you can see a lot of new models and textures – medieval embellishments, displayed weapons or armors.

  1. Download the Rumanov Castle modification
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